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  1. 400 million vaccinated of a population of 350 million?--sounds like there are NO unvaccinated left---HA
  2. All you people who come to Mexico for freedom--be it economic or political-- WELL LEAVE YOUR BAGGAGE AT THE BORDER- IMSS has a cure for covid--your choice-- signed Bobby--
  3. The twilight zone is true; in the twilight the truth can be found if you care to look-
  4. Sounds like you want to silence other ideas---?
  5. Oh contrare- This is what is called free speech--Keep up if you can---HA
  6. Spamming means--he has a contrary opinion--
  7. Ohhhh--so cumfy--I feel soooooo -- gooooood--sorry Mudgirl; I'm just a dirty old man---HA
  8. Canadian??--Are you guys special??--Everybody thinks they are special--!! come on man--get real--!!!! HA
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