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  1. sounds like you are creating a problem that does not exist
  2. I hate to be a troll; but as a gringo I never hurt anybody..a s I walk the earth I only bring goodness
  3. But Mexicans Love bread ; so bring on the margarine,Ha
  4. as I am a gringo, I like to feel I bring nothing but benefits to my adopted country . I spend my money in the community, I pay taxes and I am an employer in my business. I think of it as buttering the bread for Mexicans.
  5. it's the millenials who were educated by common core and brainwashed by the globalist liberals , who are obsessed with themselves. it's a factor of many things. I hear that the upcoming X generation will be better, let's wait and see. signed . a observant baby boomer.
  6. I went through all that vehicle hassle with a us car for ten years. I finally got wise a just bought a used Mexican plated car with very low mileage. I got it at an estate sale for cash and best of all no 16 % sales tax...I was just being stubborn keeping my us car. I would advise anyone to just get a Mexican car and be done with it. life is too short// HA
  7. I too, hope the dollar stays strong, as I am enjoying the high conversion rate. approx. 19.6 to 1 let the good times roll. HA
  8. you describe CA perfectly. one party rule. a Corporate Fascistic Dictatorship . I used to be an American, but America is gone, I am now a refugee living in a foreign country. try taking the red pill and you will awake from your nightmare. reality is not very pretty.
  9. i agree with nothing from the left. .the left is totally illogical of common sense and totally corrupt. I lived in CA my whole life until I got out twelve years ago, that communist state ruined my life in every aspect . since I migrated to Mexico my life has never been better in ALL aspects. I call CA the silicon curtain . as the Soviet Union the iron curtain and red China the bamboo curtain.
  10. however,, quite applicable today.. criminal acts still have consequences today.
  11. Post/ rag , intelligent well placed people, hacks .as memory serves the only ones that want revolution for loosing a election are the radical left Socialist Democrats. This president was not suppose to win, HA //// please excuse my lack of punctuation as my computer suffered from the humidity and I had to replace my keyboard for one in Spanish.
  12. you do know that is treason , punishment by hanging, hidden in history, George Washington was attempted to be removed and the culprits , twenty of them, were hung in front of the white house !
  13. yes . a transfer is not cash. I am talking about Pesos deposited directly to my account in Mexico. I am amazed that SAT keeps Mexican so tight in the name of the so called drug wars. Mexicans in their daily lives working and toiling just to survive should not be subjected to the gov't abuse. As for me ( an Imigrant) to Mexico I can just be satisfied putting my money in the backyard under the mongo tree, HA P.S. I just an average American who worked hard and got a small pension as a truck mechanic; a job that nobody would do in their right mind..But I was desperate to survive so I did what I had to do. the work is hard; dirty; and dangerous; and I worked the swing shift which I lost a lot of time with my family. the reason I migrated to Mexico?; try being retired and living in California; HA Bobby
  14. do quads need to be licensed to drive on the roads in Jalisco? THX. examples: www.bossmotocicletas.com.mx
  15. Spencer: your last post was back in 2015; how is SAT behaving these days regarding cash deposits over 15,000 Pesos. THX Bobby
  16. what works for me is ear plugs. first time I deeded them since moving to Mexico HA
  17. there goes my dreams of solar. maybe independent solar panels with all the batteries is the way to go if it isn,t illegal with the government, as in the US//, don.t dare go off grid. HA
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