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  1. Retirement "IS" the time to wise up !!--No job; what else are you going to do---HA
  2. ACD -We are like race................................. Deleted by MOD5
  3. Hey--ACD--...............................Deleted by MOD5
  4. We are in ......................... Deleted by MOD5
  5. WELL- we may all have to go north and back to work---HA
  6. I'm seventy-two years old; and you think I haven't wised up--All these "ANIMALS" took the joy out of life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  7. In short; once you " take the money" ; "YOU ARE COMPRIMIZED"---Police; Politicians ; ETC.- THAT'S WHY I TURNED MY BACK ON AMERICA-!! The USA would put the ROMAN EMPIRE to shame---!!
  8. NO Medicare--we are on our own-After this COVID FRAUD- I can't even go to the US to collect my bennies; without being harrassed by this Covid farse--
  9. I hate to push it; before this post gets closed; It's so clear; CRT,etc. is nothing more than robbery of your children's minds--ALL socialist concepts have their roots in CRIME !- THE RESULTS JUSTIFY THE MEANS !
  10. Don't worry Gringohombre-the topic has changed--Simply socialism is NOT politics !--It is criminal--No matter how it is packaged; it is the worst form of human destruction.--SOCIALISM IS A CRIME SCENE--!!
  11. The only difference between socialism and communism; is that a communist has a gun-
  12. I understand everything about communism--it's no more than a criminal organization--it's whole existance is theft and murder--and I didn't start this conversation; I ended it--
  13. the way you get rid of Marxism is spray it like a bug--Someone said that Marxism should have been strangled in the crib----I don't know why all these lefties don't come up with something knew instead of these tired old ideas--OH= I know what it is---Marxism is just plain "DEMONIC" !!!!-
  14. I know enough about Marxism---it's bad news--especially for me--no stupid Russian from old Russia tells me what to think or do--!!!
  15. And quickly adding to the list is New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and lastly USA--I think the best place; so far; is Mexico--- I think Mexicans are a little more street wise .
  16. As time will tell;? I think not--The Smog Testing Racket has not taken root in Mexico; and I see it will never take root--I've been in PV for fifteen years and there is no such thing--I hailed from the Bay Area in CA where this cottage industry has taken root and the roots are deep--Smog Testing is the culture of the many rackets in first world countries. Besides; cars today are very efficient and there is no reason to saddle people with more taxes and regs. That's the main reason I immigrated to Mexico---One word FREEDOM !!!!!!!--I remember back in the sixties when this smog histeria started and Mexico cried "we are a poor nation and we cannot afford this B.S."--I felt really offended that as a poor young person I could not afford loosing my junker--Just because I was living in the US; I was not rich--Well; that was fifty yeas ago; and yes; I apologize- I'm now a bitter old man---HA-
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