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  1. Got to go-- my time is limited on this site---HA
  2. Just like the Afganis--the west has the watches; but we have the time---HA
  3. Pandemic of the pure bloods ??--Sorry; can't touch this--HA--!!--Stay tuned--I'm watching the out come--I got more time than money---HA
  4. Stick up something up my nose?--Guess what ? I'll stay at home in my adopted country--"MEJICO"--I'm done with the west---!!!!--VIVA MEJICO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
  5. I think you might be on to something--that was my first impression--to keep the north from flooding into Mexico --I immigrated to Mexico for more freedom and a lower cost of living on a retirement income--
  6. That sounds like a lot of money to lower your standard of living in Mexico--It seems to me it would be better to move to a state in the US where living is cheaper--
  7. Try sitting next to the toilet---Hight traffic---HA
  8. The reason humanity has survived through the eons is because of GOD; an natural immunity---Now the little worm called " MAN" shakes his fist at god and says I'm "GOD" !!!--sounds like the Devil is talking----HA
  9. Well; I beg to differ---15 years in hiding in Mexico ! --As the saying goes--Man jumps of building; and on the way down--""OK SO FAR"---HA
  10. Same with the US--the tax man prowles the earth to feed the beast-But Mexico takes note and soon will follow---
  11. Kiko-- I'm feeling giving -- Since this war is ending, The secret of health is lots of "Garlic" to heal and to protect from demons--Bobby
  12. Kiko--Good news ! This Fiasco of Covid is over !!!!!!!!!!--two to three months this demon will be sent to hell and it's minions--I have more , but it is not appropiate for this platform--
  13. No !--I am not lucky--except for the luck of the Irish--God tells me the clues to survive--I do not trust "MAN"--Man works for money !-Fuchi lied to Paul face to face about gain of function and poor Ron Paul blinked--Poor Ron Paul;--He has never seen up close pure evil----HA
  14. Natural Immunity works just fine for me--In a sea of viruses; germs; and other nasty critters in the air--my creator set me up ; just fine- for thousands of years--HA
  15. The Govenor of Jalisco canceled New Years in PV--Sorry, the people of PV gave the viruses the night off---Party ON - in Malecon---HA
  16. I don't even like to see the tourists from these tour ships walking past my house--who knows what they maybe carrying--TB, etc. for example--
  17. Well ; in the fifties I got lucky and got the sugar cube for polio--I heard the best way to take medicens is orally--
  18. I agree--but these criminals ( MR. SIENCE) are so power hungry there's nothing they won't try to pull--
  19. Mainecoons---YOU ARE HOT---you got red pilled --congrats-!
  20. I don't know about your Lakeside doctor; But there is no way I would trust your doctor in Seattle--he's got a license to loose if he doesn't toe the party line---
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