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  1. My classification was expert shooter some fifty years ago--but I'm a little shakey now- and don't see to good-HA
  2. Well, to tell you the truth; I miss the junk food-- Jack in the box, Taco Bell; Round Table Pizza; chinese food in Frisco on Grant st..-etc.--HA
  3. Crazy?--it's just plain frightening-- I'm afraid to go for one last time to visit my parents graves---SAD
  4. The fake news won't tell you that; Dude;--those 6 or 7 millions of jabs "will" be sold--It's all about those Benjamins--! HA
  5. It will be a big deal because the us has already receive millions of shots --a lot of money involved-
  6. So what it has come down to , is that you geniuses are arguing what had come first ; "the chicken or the egg"--HA
  7. Because the vazzers screwed up and are in denial that they got scammed--I bet a lot of them are looking for a detox; good luck with that one--they are in the realm of the unknown--
  8. I would be leary of anything from Wikipedia--
  9. This problem we have with these power hungry communist gov'ts is that they got us and they ain't going to let us go--unless people grow a spine and just say enough--I'm already resolved to the fact that I am never going to travel again --I have a problem with taking orders from barking dogs--I'm 73 years young and I'm getting more stubborn by the day--Look at the chinese people; rare breed; taking swan dives to ease their pain--I'd be looking for a bunny suit and take my frustrations on him-I won't hurt him too bad---HA
  10. ooooh---good one---HA--These pharma companies are all in it for the money-- They all should be Rico'ed and put out of business--all those profits are ripe for corruption--all the uninformed will get boosted to infinity and beyond------HA
  11. According to your article; the shots given out are expired--
  12. HA these are the special people--HA--or criminals
  13. TOO many words--the mask is for the dead--stupid people--HA
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