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  1. well said, Cafe , you are the smartest of the bunch here- The cure for fear is knowledge. As said. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE ! that just came out--sorry ! HA
  2. yes I do-- I live in the real world. I will not be lied to !
  3. well, this governor believes the people have suffered enough--this act shows he's a good man--most politicians would show how tough they are and just poor more salt on the wound !!!.. Freezing to death ? i'll take the virus.
  4. oh, CFE has dealt with the gobblers ! ever get the classification of DAC on your bill? God help you ! HA.
  5. Burning of the fields after the harvest is to replenish the soil for the next planting season. this has been done for thousands of years.
  6. I thought this site was to be non- political ?
  7. No, the virus has done it's job and is spent. the problem with Texas was they tried to go green without thinking it through.
  8. the virus has burned itself out as all life does. the less government in our lives the better off we will be.
  9. Apply for cards that have no foreign transaction fee. I'm using Bank of America Visa Travel card. you can check HSBC or City bank that merged with Banamex; which are more local ; but like most things in Mexico they can be pricy.. sign up with Credit Karma; they have lots of cards and you can keep track of your credit score--Good Luck !
  10. the work around this is change your number in your card profile to a number of a relative in the states and have them text you back the code to your cell phone then enter the code. I did this for a while but stopped because I didn't want to be a nuisance to my daughter in the states. so I just stopped using capitol 1. This company really pissed me off.. the reason they got abusive was that they got hacked and they took it out on their customers. Sort of like an abusive cop that comes home; kicks his dog and beats his wife.--I will not be any body's dog. That's why I left communist California
  11. YES ; months ago I struggled with this having to prove your identity with a code sent to a US phone number. Using your e-mail to receive the code apparently was not good enough. The constant abuse of this practice caused me to stop using "ALL" my Capitol One credit cards and I moved on to others. Another classic example of driving off your customers. Good Luck; there are other card companies out there.
  12. cursive writing is beautiful in the right hands. cursive has hundreds of years of history; we are devolving to the future. so be it.
  13. I'm on my 4th Jalisco drivers license and just getting it renewed the other day,,, smooth as silk,,i'm in the system and have all my papers. I guess I'm not fun any more to get over on the Gringo,,,,HA
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