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  1. cursive writing is beautiful in the right hands. cursive has hundreds of years of history; we are devolving to the future. so be it.
  2. I'm on my 4th Jalisco drivers license and just getting it renewed the other day,,, smooth as silk,,i'm in the system and have all my papers. I guess I'm not fun any more to get over on the Gringo,,,,HA
  3. I really enjoy being invisible as I have not been bothered since..plus with the expierence of knowing the pitfalls and blending, the natives see this gringo as a Mexican and are confused,, HA
  4. and big Pharma that produces poison for the sake of profit.. stick a needle in my arm, no thanks.
  5. yes, that's good advice. I've been here for almost twenty years. and I have found it best to drive a Mexican plated Honda white CRV, which makes you almost invisible, as in PV it is a very common car.
  6. good for you for standing your ground.but for me, that was a little dangerous. I would gave them ,say , one hundred pesos for cokes as some payment to satisfy them.that way they feel they got over on the gringo a little bit. good luck my friend
  7. Corporate news.. one big phony click.
  8. yea, the fake news, WA Compost, has always patted themselves on the back. the truth nowadays has won few, NO, awards, HA
  9. once you cross that border without permission you have broken the law....to claim asylum you show up to the embassy in your home country and request. oh poor refugees ---- when I migrated to Mexico I had to follow the procedure to the LETTER. nobody's heart bled for me. enough of this feel good liberal crap..
  10. eh? yes it is about me . it's called my two cents. BTW, I removed my comments to your Blue Eyed post.. so it's back to you. Bro.
  11. correct ! to get rid of the theives ---PRD And PRI
  12. The Mexican people elected him because they were tired of the PRI and the other party?; for ripping off the Mexican treasury e.g. Piento got millions from the drug cartels to look the other way. AMLO was only elected as a protest vote . I'm waiting for his campaign promise to cut in half the sales tax in half to 8 %. then I might buy a new car. HA !
  13. YES--- a nationalist socialist--I listened to his speech; all Marxism. He is no Trump !
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