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  1. OH--you people--show off your wealth and you get surprised you get robbed ??---that goes with customs on both sides--it's human nature !!.--
  2. sorry to bother you---I need to be banned---
  3. My take is USA is a wounded animal which is very dangerous--I would stay away and let the animal die--
  4. In other words you are saying China is playing with fire--HA--sounds like a Mexican standoff--remember the cola wars ? --well Pepsi blinked HA---by the way I don't drink Pepsi--it's nasty--Coke uses Mexican cane sugar--that's the difference--
  5. yea-- I agree ahh, the "warmth"-a drive by today wanting a piece of my "plumeria" tree-- he said he wanted a piece of mine because his mama did not have the red color; only the yellow--I said of course, take a big branch--ahhh- the warmth of the 'GRINGO'-- "always giving"--i'm OK !--"didn't pay me no never mind"-- i'm not complaining ; just glad to help---HA
  6. Sorry to ask a question to Bob Liu--just little old me--HA, sorry Mainecoons " SUPER" I forgot that's all about you---HA
  7. sounds like it is not selling, HA--no super refrig after delivery? we were told it will go bad under regular refridge ? --"LET THE BUYER BEWARE"- WHAT A CON JOB---HA.-
  8. Do you believe the mainland will attack Taiwan ?
  9. Chinese picked up the habit because of air pollution in China-
  10. the whole world forced into lock step with covid ! that's the animal I fear.
  11. hang on Jreboll; we are not done yet--got to sell the rest of all those jabs-!---HA -
  12. you'd think you would except more from our so-called professionals. oh we are so forgiving for these hacks ! you want to have power over peoples lives?--then one better up his game !
  13. Did you check into this clowns past in handling the aids crisis by pulling a political stunt in refusing the close the bath houses in San Francisco. nope I didn't think so. I don't trust that little rat faced fraud !
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