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  1. I am not asking the name, but was the agent working for one of the larger better know agencies?
  2. Thanks for the comments. If that happened here in the US, I would never use Agency X. I know this property has been listed for months, so I did not expect the owner to up the price. Also, this might be incorrect, but I understand that the owner "signs" a document with the agency for the price. I also understand that the agent can raise the price to increase their commission. I am not going to word this correctly. But if the owner wants $100 in their pocket, then the agent can raise their commission.
  3. I am looking for a rental and here is what is happening. Agency X: I see a listing on their site on Monday at $100 dollars. A friend of mine looks at the property on Tuesday. I call the agency to move forward. On Wednesday I see the property listed on their site for $150. I call the agent and they tell me they will check with the landlord but they think the landlord will go for $100. Agency Y: I see the same listing on their site for $150. The listing was not there yesterday. Both agencies have very good reputations. Is the price increase to help their commissions?
  4. I second Liana. I use the Whatsapp web interface on my PC. So much easier to read and send messages.
  5. Thanks for confirming who they are Jabonera. And Tingting, I agree with you. How dumb can they be.
  6. I want to be delicate here...are they a mixed race couple? If yes are they the same people that I started the thread about?
  7. There was a couple that was scamming people Lakeside and in PV. I do nont want to post their names, but there was a lot of information on them. Does anyone remember them? Thanks.
  8. Gracias. My wife and I will not be moving until Jan 2019. This list will help us a lot. We will see you Tuesday @ 1pm.
  9. I saw that thread. I thought he just said no more employment list..
  10. Rony, Do you still compile a list of local landlords? Thanks, CCW
  11. Geeser, I might know of someone that fits your description. I will see him this afternoon and let you know. CCW
  12. Hello all. I am currently in my 2nd week visit to Lakeside. Does anyone have any information on how to get a tour of the different neighborhoods in Chapala? Thanks, CCW
  13. Hell all, We will be visiting in February. Are their any ways to learn using pesos? I am not worried about exchange rates, just a way to feel comfortable using them. Thanks, CCW
  14. Tkessler, Is there a lawyer there that could look at the contracts etc to get some legal answers to a lot of the comments on here?
  15. Tkessler, There is a Facebook Group, Working from Home Lakeside, that would love to hear about this. I am sure you would get many people to sign up. Also, we are not planning to move down there for a year, but don't know where we will be living. Is there a way to sign up now to show my interest in this? Thanks.
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