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  1. Jaime can repair this. His business is Vi Lu Ma in Ajijic and Riberas- the best- 766-0064
  2. The decision is ultimately yours. I had a colonoscopy under the care of Dr. Hector Valenzuela who is at Quality Care. Wonderful, caring physician who speaks English fluently. No problems with the procedure and it is quick. Out patient- easy.
  3. Dr. Sam Thelin is the doctor you need to get in touch with.
  4. Do you now feel better, Computer guy? Got that off your chest? I read the comment for what it was.
  5. Listen to what I am saying, please. If you cannot eat the whole meal, then fine, bring it home. I am saying do not expect a restaurant to give you enough food to bring home for another meal.
  6. Why would you go to a restaurant and expect a ´to go´ box. You are paying for a meal, you went there for a meal- not two meals. Are you looking for leftovers when you dine out?
  7. The root of the problem is the sphincter between your esophagus and your stomach. It becomes weaker with age, and some people are born with this condition. The sphincter prevents the acid from going into your esophagus. When it becomes weaker, there is a backlash of acid into the esophagus- not pleasant. You do not create more acid- your body just is not able to stop the acid from returning to the esophagus because of the damaged sphincter. The proton pump inhibitors decrease the acid in your stomach- that is all. Not a good solution. You need the acid for digestion. Talk to a gastroenterologist. That is their specialty. I have been very pleased with Dr. Valenzuela @ Quality Care.
  8. It may be time for you to have a Nissan Fundoplication. It is , perhaps, the only effective way to stop acid reflux. Please do a search of this procedure on your search engine. You may also think about making an appointment with Dr. Hector Valenzuela @ Quality Care. With digestive issues, he is brilliant. He knows his stuff.
  9. Angus, would you care too share the name of the hospital and the Dra.? TIA
  10. Much better than El Grano or any other coffee offered at Lakeside. They offered tastings at Super Lake a while back and sold it at the Monday Market for a while and have obviously stopped because it will be sold at SL. So sorry the name of the coffee is a roadblock for you. Your problem.
  11. This coffee is THE BEST!!! Try it, especially the espresso blend. I have not seen it at Super Lake yet. Would like to know if it is indeed going to be sold there.
  12. I do not know what actually happens to the fat tumors. We had a dog years ago in the States who had a fat tumor, and the vet said it was not a problem. A vet will know the answer. I would go to Ladrons and ask them.
  13. Gee, I am very surprised a fat tumor is an emergency. I would definitely get a second opinion. They are usually harmless.
  14. Angela- does Chuy have his own equipment and come to Riberas? I am assuming that he speaks English. Thank you, thank you, Anne
  15. Quality Care is just that- quality care. The charge for seeing one of their specialists is $700 pesos, and I think Dr. Briseno is a little more. He is the cardiologist that started the clinic along with three other doctors. I have used their services as long as they been in operation. Totally satisfied.
  16. Well, Liana, they did in the new location for Banorte in Chapala. That is why we use Superlake or Walmart for ATM transactions.
  17. It was charged in the new location for the Banorte machine in Chapala- not Bancomer, and I was charged a fee by the municipality.
  18. It has been a while, but I was charged around $2.50 to use the machine in Chapala by Chapala municipality. So, stopped going to Chapala and started using Walmart's machine which was the same charge as in Chapala. I did/do not know of any other locations of ATMs in the area that were put in by Banorte that would be Capital One no fees.
  19. Would like to know what ATM you are using with Capital One that does not charge fees. Even in Chapala, at Banorte machines, there are charges by the Chapala municipality for using them. I used to get pesos at El Torito, but that option is long gone.
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