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  1. I just came from seeing the dog. She is beautiful and NOT living in that crate. She was groomed yesterday, she is absolutely gorgeous, her cost is beautiful, her teeth are perfect, her disposition is wonderful. Do not cast stones before you know what is going on. If you are so concerned about this dog, you should have RUN over to Chapala to see her. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky. She is a magnificent creature, and her eyes are breathtaking- so luminous. The vets are treating her beyond reproach. Wonderful people. Anybody need lessons?
  2. Ah, if only we had pockets as deep as bontepar and all his knowedge.
  3. Go to a reputable real estate company with those questions. They will have an attorney working for them that will be knowledgeable about your predicament. And they can do the research for you. A chat board is not the place to find answers about legal questions.
  4. My husband would like to know the details. I did PM and email you, and am hoping there is still room for another player- Thanks.
  5. What an exciting afternoon and evening. Get tickets to 'Showstoppers', and then go to dinner at 'OUI, OUI' to experience a delightful evening of more entertainment and delicious dining!!
  6. JD Powers is not a company that specializes in retirement satisfaction. Who did they interview and where? Millions of places to retire- what makes this place so special- because JD Power and Associates says this is the best place to retire? Many people would disagree. It is such a general statement- 'Best Place To Retire'. There is no best place to retire. It is all relative. And what comparisons did they use- the entire world's retirement havens and questionnaires handed out to everybody that has retired? Silly and not possible.. There are many better places to retire. All you need is money. Say what you will...........
  7. That is not the answer I was looking for. Who controlled the survey, and who were the participants? Where was this survey taken?
  8. The potatoes that look red are dyed. They do not grow red potatoes in Mexico- sorry. Look it up.
  9. Surprised that a gel refill is only $21.00 Canadian in Ontario. Really surprised.
  10. First of all Xena, the OP did not say the coffee had been sent to SL. I thought NoBullshit had decided to use a different vendor. Understand?? It is not my job to run around SL to find out if the coffee is on the shelves. I have done that 3 times before. It is NB's responsibility- not mine. I now grind the coffee myself at SL for espresso coffee. I love NB's coffee, but if they want to sell it, they have to do the legwork and make the necessary phone calls to put it out to ensure their coffee has good shelf space. The last coffee I bought from NB was over 3 weeks old because SL did not put it out. Got it?
  11. Yes, Xena. It arrives and Superlake does not put it on the shelves until they want to. Last time it was three weeks before they had the stock out.
  12. Has it been sent to Superlake? They are very slow to display your product.
  13. Yes, Dr. Eloy Barragan and his staff are the very best. My implant is still perfect. 3 years. RUN to him.
  14. How complacent many of us are. Judging without all the facts, not knowing how aggressive the caretaker was, not knowing if she is, in fact, in the early stages of a type of dementia or a depressive state that makes you act differently than you normally would. This board is so quick to judge others and demean them, many times being nasty with a sense of righteousness. Very sad state of affairs.
  15. Mrs. Rupert


    Too pricey for us.
  16. Do not go to Dr. Flores. Please PM me about his services. We have found that Dr. Briseรฑo has been a wonderful cardiologist, and does much of the testing at Quality Care in Ajijic. Very satisfied with him- caring and competent.
  17. We ate there last night. It was just OK- Sorry, but the prices were too high for what we were served. Very nice people, but just OK.
  18. Yes, and it probably had something to do with the previous complaining of the lack of access speed. Interesting. Why did it take all that complaining to achieve what should have been happening?
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