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  1. If you are moving to the Raquet Club, the closest gym is Sky Fitness on the mountain side of the Carretera. A fully equipped gym. Also spinning and yoga. Also Family Fitness located upstairs of El Torrito grocery store. A good gym with ok equipment- not as clean as Sky Fitness.
  2. Bank of America is the biggest robber of all. Do not use them for ATM withdrawals. They charge you for breathing.
  3. Xena, I have no idea, but this is not a paradise. It is a third world country that offers the citizens very little, very little. We are here because of the very low cost of living. We live in a Mexican neighborhood. It is not an ideal environment- but, it is the real Mexico. Ajijic itself is filthy- how disgusting. Why?
  4. Oh, Alan Mexicali- you do not understand what I am talking about. Mexico is not a safe nation for the nationals. Why do the expats and well-off Mexican citizens continue to wear blinders. We are not in danger, but the Mexicans are. You are not aware of what is happening in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and all of Mexico? Start reading the newspapers. The living conditions for the public are very bad. They have no retirement plan. This country is worse than the United States. Most of us are here to take advantage of the much lower cost of living. The taxes are minimal, and the citizens Of Mexico get very little. You must tell me what you think is so great about Mexico. Happy people, cheap cost of living, murders daily, the plight of the peasants, horrible health care, starving children, abused animals, corrupt politicians, bribery beyond our understanding, etc. You probably live here because the cost of living is so low, or you a Mexican citizen. This is no paradise. Open your eyes
  5. They don't live where el chapo's son was. And there is killing in Guadalajara as well. This is not a nation that takes care of its' peoples' problems. There are crimes, murders, bribery and more that are common every day. It may be paradise for expats and Mexican citizens who have the where-with-all to stay out of harm's way, but this is no country for the faint of heart, slainte39. The poor people are passed over, and their faces show their plight.
  6. Jreboll- You live in or around Ajijic. Live with the Mexicans and find out what real terror is. Cartels and angry people deciding who should live, and who should die. You have no idea the amount of homicides that happen every day- every day- every day.
  7. So sad that many of you berated Lakeside 7 for a good post. You blast into him without thinking. He had a good day. Mexico is not PARADISE for all. The citizens are poorly treated and poorly looked after, and the crime is much worse than the States. Lakeside 7 was commenting on a good day for him, and many of you successfully changed it into a lecture on how he should feel about living here- shameful.
  8. Are you saying, Ferret, that anxiety caused by the cohetes is helped by the CBD oil?
  9. Actually, it is on San Diego, down a few blocks, not behind Mirasol, near Mirasol, next to.
  10. We opted out of Part B. A mistake for my husband, and I have private insurance which costs much more than Part B, so a mistake for myself, as well. I think most of us are dreamers when we leave the States. I am currently in a conversation with a Senator from my state in the US about the penalties being charged to expats who want to start up their Part B again. Why are we charged a penalty? Is it because they have to re-enter our name onto the computer which will validate our membership in the Medicare program? It is a mystery to me, so I am going to try to get an answer- HAH!! Before you cancel Part B, think very carefully or have enough money to carry you through. There is no crystal ball.
  11. Has this dog been 'captured' yet? He looks like he needs a home if tomgates has not adopted him.
  12. Gringal- Medicare Advantage is a separate insurance policy that is separate from Medicare insurance- It is an add-on to Medicare and covers costs that Medicare does not. It covers medical costs while travelling outside the States for 6 months. The hospital accept Medicare Advantage- not Medicare.
  13. Gringal, you just lost my sympathy. You did not post an answer to anything. You signed a blank check and suffered the losses. Hard to believe.
  14. Yo1- She spelled it in her initial post- Dra. Adriana Aro. What would you think? I am very well aware that the H is silent.
  15. Gringal, I am truly sorry this happened to you. But, why would you endorse a blank check?
  16. The name of the Doctor is Dra Adriana Aro- NOT Haro. Wow. Does nobody read?
  17. Gee, I just do not care for the food served at Bobby's Terraza whether it is a la carte or not.
  18. I had my own business 'up North' as well and I always notified my clients if there was going to be a scheduling conflict. None of us know the reason for Saul's no show, and that does not mean it is ok to vilify him and decide his actions are 'bad'. Find out what the problem is before assuming the worst.
  19. I think all of you should hold back on judging Saul until you know what his health problem is. Boy- so many righteous people mouthing off. You do not know what his circumstances are. He is the best window washer, and a perfect gentleman.
  20. I will be going to Guadalajara and to the hospitals there. It going to take a while for this hospital to operate proficiently. Hopefully, I will not need to go anywhere, but I use Quality Care for my medical needs, not Mascaras. I wish them good luck and hope they keep their costs in check.
  21. That depends on what region you are from, Cedros. It was the lily of choice for the churches in my area, and the alters were festooned with them. Glorious array, and also minimal scent.
  22. Are you talking about Calla Lilies? Beautiful and displayed during Easter in New England. They are a traditional Easter Lily.
  23. Tony has wonderful roasts, but you have to order, and it is a little late to order if you are hoping to have one on Easter.
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