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  1. Gee, I just do not care for the food served at Bobby's Terraza whether it is a la carte or not.
  2. I had my own business 'up North' as well and I always notified my clients if there was going to be a scheduling conflict. None of us know the reason for Saul's no show, and that does not mean it is ok to vilify him and decide his actions are 'bad'. Find out what the problem is before assuming the worst.
  3. I think all of you should hold back on judging Saul until you know what his health problem is. Boy- so many righteous people mouthing off. You do not know what his circumstances are. He is the best window washer, and a perfect gentleman.
  4. I will be going to Guadalajara and to the hospitals there. It going to take a while for this hospital to operate proficiently. Hopefully, I will not need to go anywhere, but I use Quality Care for my medical needs, not Mascaras. I wish them good luck and hope they keep their costs in check.
  5. That depends on what region you are from, Cedros. It was the lily of choice for the churches in my area, and the alters were festooned with them. Glorious array, and also minimal scent.
  6. Are you talking about Calla Lilies? Beautiful and displayed during Easter in New England. They are a traditional Easter Lily.
  7. Tony has wonderful roasts, but you have to order, and it is a little late to order if you are hoping to have one on Easter.
  8. I just came from seeing the dog. She is beautiful and NOT living in that crate. She was groomed yesterday, she is absolutely gorgeous, her cost is beautiful, her teeth are perfect, her disposition is wonderful. Do not cast stones before you know what is going on. If you are so concerned about this dog, you should have RUN over to Chapala to see her. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky. She is a magnificent creature, and her eyes are breathtaking- so luminous. The vets are treating her beyond reproach. Wonderful people. Anybody need lessons?
  9. Ah, if only we had pockets as deep as bontepar and all his knowedge.
  10. Go to a reputable real estate company with those questions. They will have an attorney working for them that will be knowledgeable about your predicament. And they can do the research for you. A chat board is not the place to find answers about legal questions.
  11. My husband would like to know the details. I did PM and email you, and am hoping there is still room for another player- Thanks.
  12. What an exciting afternoon and evening. Get tickets to 'Showstoppers', and then go to dinner at 'OUI, OUI' to experience a delightful evening of more entertainment and delicious dining!!
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