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  1. It is called Sonora meats, I have only seen them here in Jalisco.
  2. There are several stores. I know of two on Lopez Mateo and one on Ocho de julio. There is also a Sonora meats taco restaurant, that serves tacos, burritos etc as well as steaks. Also the high end Sonora grill near the fresko store. Try the Centro de lomo. Both restaurants are on Lopez Mateo. (If you try the grill be advised the salads are served with the main course unless you ask them to serve it first).
  3. Sonora meats says they do not use any hormones or antibiotics. Up until recently, I only bought meats at Costco. No more, now I only buy beef at Sonora. The quality is higher and the prices are lower.
  4. I would add benadryl to this list. It is helpful for bee and scorpion stings.
  5. The chedraui in Santa Fe is okay and it is clean , but they do not carry the kind of imported food items that you can find in the Palenque store and in a couple of the Cancun stores. It is convenient if you are visiting IMSS #180.
  6. You don't need to have a facilitator for immigration, they speak English in the local office.
  7. If you need excellent (and inexpensive) work on a radiator see radiadoresvictor.com. They guarantee their work. If you just need a new expansion tank check out maz autopartes on Mercado libre. If they don't have it they will find it quickly.
  8. There are also quite a few grief support groups online. When my first wife died I found the online support to be much more helpful than the grief counselor. I even want on to run a grief support site for several years. There are other people ready to help her cope.
  9. We had the same problem. We had to switched the dns to or Hulu, etc are working fine now.
  10. Today we went to the asbestos in Guadalajara and purchased things on the red cross list of needed items. Everything from cases of tuna to adult diapers, we stopped shopping when the suv was packed solid. It felt like we were helping and I wish we could do more.
  11. They were hanging in the row with kitchen gadgets.
  12. I just saw them last week at Wal-Mart on Lopez Mateos, they are probably at the local store too.
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