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  1. Hey guys. Sorry to drag this up out of the catacombs. I am a new poster and somewhat recently retired and looking to put affairs in order for a possible overseas move. It was doing research on this that I discovered this forum and thread. The one subject that is causing me some anxiety is what happens my financial accounts when I move. The internet is full of stories over the last few years of expats having their accounts closed and given very short notice in some cases to come up with a plan B. Last fall I sent internal e-mails to the two companies I do business with and one sent back a very detailed response saying I should have no problems. (To be clear, it is my intention to be very upfront with the people who have my accounts and not try and fool them about my country of residence) The other company, Merrill Edge, quickly responded that I would not be able to maintain my accounts if I moved overseas and that using a PO Box type thing wouldn't be satisfactory. There is a difference between Merrill Edge and Merrill Lynch and maybe Lynch is cool with it or has a program for it. I haven't researched that but feel if Merrill Edge is blowing me off, I would rather go elsewhere than migrate to Lynch. Current early research indicated Schwab and IB are cool with this and would even open up accounts for you while you are overseas. I want to get way out in front of this. My worst nightmare would be waking up in a foreign country with no access to my funds. I have never heard of this ever happening to anyone ever but I seem to always imagine the worst! Since almost half a year has gone by since this thread was active, are there any new thoughts on this subject? Any advice for a newbie in my situation? Thanks!
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