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  1. Have you received medical care anywhere in the Lake Chapala vicinity or Guadalajara? Have you been treated by Seguro Popular? IMSS? Or by a private doctor? Or in a clinic or hospital? I am writing an article on the subject of medical care in the Chapala area and would love to be able to illustrate with some personal stories. If you would like to contribute please email me privately at mrpaxson@relentlesslycreative.com. (Please do not post personal information in response here in the forum.) Please include: Your name, (If you prefer to be anonymous, please let me know and do not include your name in your story.) email address (it will not be published, but I may need to follow up with you) gender, age, why you were being treated, where you were treated a brief story of your experience. With your submission, I will assume that I have your permission to publish your story in full or in part. Thank you for your anticipated reply. Best wishes, —Monica Rix Paxson, medical researcher and author, mrpaxson@relentlesslycreative.com https://www.amazon.com/English-Speakers-Guide-Medical-Mexico-ebook/dp/B06XRG93J4/
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