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  1. Sold Out. Catch us next time.
  2. We'll check all three places today. Found 4oz jars of prepared horseradish at ~45mxn per 4oz jar at Puritan and SL. Did not check at Panchos. We will be serving both types or just the prepared.
  3. This is a boneless prime rib so it is all meat.
  4. Elegante

    Elegante Prime Rib Dinner

    Elegante has sold out our Prime Rib Dinner. Thank you for your patronage.
  5. Elegante

    Elegante Prime Rib Dinner

    We are filling up. If you want to attend, you need to make your reservation.
  6. Includes choice of Caesar or Garden Salad.
  7. Elegante

    Salvadors, any reopening news

    Just spoke with Jorge and they (he and the Italian folks - Headed up by Erik) signed the lease documents yesterday. They are supposed to start working on the premises on Monday.
  8. Starting Tuesday May 8th, we will feature a new Three Course Summer Menu as shown below.
  9. I am looking for someone who could give me some guidance in managing my finances. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Elegante

    Roberto's Terrace

    Mr. B will be there, as shy and timid as always
  11. Elegante

    Need Help With Buying Meat

    Tony will grind anything you buy there so you can create your own blend.
  12. Elegante

    Restaurants and lobsters

    Elegante serves langosta (warm water lobster) tail as a special. If you call a day or more before your reservation with the number of tails your party wants, they will be reserved for you and be ready for cooking. Without reservations its an extra 30 minutes to prepare and the tails are subject to being sold out. The price is 425pesos per tail with drawn butter, mashed potatoes and the vegetable. Reservations: 766-1066 Constitucion #59 (between Javier Mina and Galeana) www.eleganteajijic.com
  13. Elegante


    El Saltos,, this year it's Australian. Costco apparently alternates between New Zealand and Australia.
  14. Elegante


    It is 1/2 a rack but it is served as chops. The number of pieces depends on what we get from Costco so it will vary from 3 to 4 pieces.