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  1. I am trying to organize from Vancouver and its very difficult on this end. Thanks for the reminder of the embargo.I'll check with Volaris and see what they say. If I ship without someone flying with them its virtually impossible...I need to get into freight forwarders etc etc, so ideally the dogs can go with someone heading here already (Vancouver is first choice as Seattle is starting to be a long drive) Thanks
  2. Hi. I'm looking for a couple flying to Seattle or Vancouver in the next few weeks that would be willing to take 3 dogs with them in the belly of the plane. 2 small dogs and 1 large. I am prepared to pay $500 cdn for this service. The dogs would need to be driven by cab (van) to airport, check in is 3 hours before and I would be waiting on the Vancouver side to take them. I do have someone to help organize their crates and vaccine info in Ajijic. If you are interested, please get back to me asap Thank you
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