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  1. A stray we took in about 6 weeks ago somehow got out of the yard. He has been missing for 36 hours. His name is Jack. He is about 5 months old ..rust colored with black spots. He seems to be a terrier-leopard dog mix.  He is very friendly. We live at Adama 60, tel # 3326227660. Any info etc would be appreciated.  We are hoping he was spotted today, which we would assume means he isnt injured.

    Thank you 



  2. I am moving to Ajijic in a week....my partner is already there....I do have COPD/...my fault for all those years of smoking ( I am 57 male).  My Dr prescribed an inhaler....but if I trouble with the altitude as far as breathing....how easy is it to get oxygen?  Do you need a prescription, or you just buy a tank etc.....Im just worried because I caught some 3rd world flu 2 years ago in NYC (the Drs said it wasnt the local flu)...and had to be rushed to the hospital because I couldnt breathe.  Im a flat lander currently living at sea level across the street from a bay in RI....any advice would be much appreciated.  Im so excited to move there...and join the LCS and get involved with volunteering...spanish lessons..etc...its looks so beautiful...and my partner loves it.  Thanks for reading.....best to all and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

  3. HI everyone.....my partner and I will be moving to your lovely village in January.  We are so excited.....it is so beautiful and the people are so friendly....its paradise on earth.

    My question is what is the best and maybe the most inexpensive cell phone service to use to call in Mexico and the states?  I would like unlimited calls, text and data as I have now (with Straight talk at 45.00 per month).  Any responses or info would be very much appreciated.  Thanks for reading and again Im very excited and feel blessed to move to such a lovely place.  


    Be well and happy......thanks!




    PS I have done some research online about Mexican cell phone services...but it seems very confusing.  Thanks again

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