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  1. Downtown village ajijic. Alot of cheap stuff, but parking is hard.
  2. Hi. Im sorry it took so long to get back to you, but the next day my roommate found one at a thrift store. I appreciate your kindness though. Thanks. Best, Joel
  3. Hi. Does anyone know where you can buy a long candle lighter? Anyplace but the Chinese dollar store. Thanks, i would appreciate it.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a cane they want to get rid of or sell. Doesnt matter what its made out of. Just as long as I can grip it and its rubber tipped. I am 5'8", so I need a cane to match my height. Thanks for reading. Everyone have a good day. Best....Joel
  5. Thanks for all your responses. My housemate found some at the garden center.
  6. Thanks i found it online. Thanks again.
  7. Could you please be more specific. The name of nursery or landmarks. I cant go, my housemate won't be happy if he goes to the wrong place. He is very high strung. I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Hi. Does anyone know where i can get some potting soil locally or compost. Im on oxygen from covid. Can't get out much at all. My house mate tried Walmart and a nursery, with no luck. Bought soil once but it was just the same soil we had at home. I'd appreciate any responses. Thank you and have a good day.
  9. Thank you. Sorry i took so long to check board.
  10. I hand it almost a year ago. Im sure I would test negative. Being on a home oxygenater, im living in a bubble. But thanks.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Im sorry you had to leave Chapala. Im thinking when i am back at sea level i will breathe better and will see alot more Drs having good insurance back home. Good luck.
  12. Hi I posted earlier about my covid experience. Someone pointed out i still smoke though on oxygen. Obviously i take the oxygen off to smoke a cigarette. Only a few a day, im so bored. Funny thing is that Ive smoked since college and after the CT my Dr said my lungs were clean from any past smoking damage. Ive had a full and wonderful life. I just figure a few cigarettes a day at this point wont matter. Life is short so i wont deny myself, but thanks for your comment and everyone else who commented. Everyone have a good day.
  13. Hi I had covid in march 2020 here. There weren't many cases in the US then. I ended up with double pneumonia, was put on antibiotics, prednisone and oxygen. I really had a hard time breathing. Never thought it was covid. After the pneumonia was over i still had breathing problems so my PC suggested i stay on the oxygen when my level went below 90. I had an oximeter. At that time i was getting high blood pressure spikes, which i still get about 3 times a week. Got off the oxygen in April and booked a flight which was canceled because of covid. A few weeks later i had breathing problems ag
  14. Hi I know alot of people will say i shouldn't smoke, which is true. Anyway does anybody know where they might sell American Spirit cigarettes in ajijic? I would appreciate any responses. Thanks and have a good one.
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