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  1. We've stayed at Las Palmas four times over our six plus years in Mexico. You'd think with age would come a modicum of wisdom. I guess not. This place is cosmetically nice but it was built maybe in the late 50's, early 60's and has had ZERO improvements since then. Post World War II AC units that do absolutely nothing but circulate warm, tepid air. Hard mattresses and old I Love Lucy style TVs with maybe ten channels, none in English. And at $75.00 USD not much of a bargain in Mexico. My advice is to try to make it to Saltillo or try someplace else. It astounds me that this place receives such good reviews. It is secure and does allow dogs but that's about all it's suitable for is dogs. Do yourself a favor and find a better place at a less expensive price. You'll be glad you did.
  2. Is there some institution or bank lakeside where I can exchange pesos for dollars without having an account there? Thanks.
  3. Lost title and registration found. I didn't realize they were missing until yesterday and leaving next week so didn't have time to go through the hassle and wait a month for a new one from DMV, plus the associated costs, and was going to have to do that when we finished the move if they didn't turn up. Just glad I found them. Thanks, all.
  4. We're in the process of moving back to the states after a six year run in Ajijic. Took a load of things up in our vehicle and 5x8 cargo trailer in May, crossed at Columbia and turned in the TIP. Left the trailer and vehicle in the states and flew back. Now we're driving back down to get the last of our things but in the intervening two months have misplaced the trailer title and registration. I have the title and current registration to the vehicle. I do have an old registration for the trailer with the VIN number and name on it but it has expired. We planned to cross again at Columbia, get a new TIP and drive down, load up and leave the first part of September. Am I going to be able to bring the trailer in or will they check it before issuing the TIP? I don't want to make a 1,600 mile drive to Columbia with the trailer and not be able to cross. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Flying out tomorrow at noon. Spouse flying at 2:00. Anybody know the status of the protest at the airport this week? Hope to leave Ajijic around 9:30 and arrive at GDL shortly after 10:00. Should we plan on leaving earlier? Thanks.
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