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  1. re CG said to the EAST of Maskaras clinic. Is in Riberas del Pilar , a few meters ahead of the clinic maskaras, if you go to chapala is a small business located on the left side
  2. If you go road to chapala it is on your left hand we are on road and you will be able to see a sign with our logo
  3. No need to submit just mention that you want our margaritas promotion!
  4. Located on the carretera going west just past Maskaras Clinic about 100 meters and in the left (mountain side). Good food and adult beverages. Specialties include: shrimp cocktails, fish or shrimp tacos, ceviche de fish or shrimp y aguachile. Open daily except Tuesday and the hours are from 12 noon to 7 pm. If busy, we stay open later! Modest prices!! Try us, you'll be back!!
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