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  1. We have had a Sun spots and sun explosions during the last week and space winds etc were supposed to reach Earth Thurs and Fri. Sometimes that affects Satellites,GPS etc. My Shaw was acting up on Thu/Fri (pixilating) but is ok now. I'm not sure that was even the problem but that is what happened to me. You can get this info from 'Discovery Magazine' on line.

  2. I am seeking a House-sitter for two occasions this year. Three weeks in June/18 and three weeks in Oct/18. Location is in San Antonio Tlayacapan and will include caring for three cats who are our fur children and 'spoiled rotten'. We can discuss dates etc when we contact each other.  766-2955


  3. Lots of good info from you folks and I thank you. I'm sure many others gained some valuable advice as well. GringaGal and WideSky stressed the need for washing hands often and that is very important. I must admit to a lazy attitude about this. I have lived in Mexico for almost 22 years (only 5 in Ajijic) and I should have known this all along. I don't do drugs so I let this ride itself out although instead of drugs I use Cannabis. Now that ought to start a round of  letters to our forum.

    Mil Gracias!!!!

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