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  1. Can anyone suggest what it might cost by the month ? Thanks.
  2. The place next to El Serape. Had a pool. Can anyone tell me it's name if it is still there ??
  3. I am commenting from NOB but anyway, with all of the cooked chicken you can buy on the street in Ajijic why would you buy it anywhere else ? I remember buying plenty with fixings for small money.
  4. Las Palmas also has RV hookups. The rooms and grounds are fine. The restaurant is OK.
  5. The title says most of it. I am looking for a house in Ajijic village. I would rent in March or April and need at least two bedrooms and two baths. We want to be able to walk to everything. I would pay what I have if I can find what I am looking for. I have Ajijic references. Per the moderator, please PM me and tell me to look for it. Thank you very much.
  6. Does Mexico have a 6 month passport rule ? That is, must your passport be good for at least 6 months when entering the country ? Thanks.
  7. I like the beach towns north of PV. Sayulita used to be a treasure but has gotten too popular. SFO a little further north. Oaxaca maybe ???? Anyone for Chiapas ?? SMA is too cold in the wintertime.
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