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  1. AFAIK no carriers support porting cross country borders. If you are referring to contacts saved on SIM then it is generally supported but varies by phone.
  2. Carrol, I know very well the product you are referring too. Indeed it does have a rather strong rotten fishy ordor and is therefore attractive to many pets. Definitely use with caution when animals are around - this is actually the case with most natural fertilizers since they are a made of mostly natural material and almost all have some sort of rotten ordor.
  3. I agree - there is no need to lecture victums of crime to take care of themselves. They have already learnt a painful lesson.
  4. Telcel has the best coverage albeit at the higher prices. Other providers have better deals but service may be absent. If your house has a good signal from Movistar or AT&T and travel is not a concern then you have options. Otherwise choose wisely. As John mentioned you will need a phone that supports GSM (most newer smartphones do).
  5. My mom once got a flyer for something similar - buy a box and it comes with unlimited streaming. IMHO whenever a provider tries to sell you their box it is a red flag that they are more interested in hardware sales than service.
  6. By "channel" I meant app. AFAIK every app has its own restrictions as far as display of copyright material at a given locality. Hence the question.
  7. Folks, Does anyone here have an AppleTV? Does it work in Mexico? What channels are available?
  8. Alternatively consider switching to a Mac - while not immune, Mac problems are an order of magnitude less.
  9. WhatsApp is not free: - it uses your data - it sells your info to advertisers - you may receive ad messages - it requires the other user is also using WhatsApp
  10. How many of you use SMS a major means of communications? I.e. you send more than a single message per week? Do you use your US/CA number or local MX? Do you communicate with local MX numbers or mostly back home? I am working on a fun pet project and was wondering if it would be useful for anyone here.
  11. In order words CFE really does not want to buy any electricity from you - they will merely issue a temporary credit for any excess and will expire it at the end of the year?
  12. Can someone please explain how CFE solar credits work? I am referring to credits for electricity generated by solar panels sold back to the grid. Do they expire? Do they convert to cash? Are there limits? What rate is used for crediting?
  13. The problem is called Windows Rot: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Microsoft_Windows#Windows_rot The only way to resolve it effectively is a clean install. I used to re-install Windows from scratch about once a year - makes big difference, but is a major PITA since you have to re-install all your programs.
  14. Is anyone using satellite Internet? I know it's expensive but perhaps more reliable?
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