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  1. Please let me know know if you are still interested in my items. you did reply to my add. Thanks Julie
  2. We have a queen size Mattress topper for sale, for a queen size Bed. asking 250 pesos. and a Brand New coffee Maker Cuisinart from the states, it makes 12 cups and I payed 129.00 dollars for it asking 800 pesos. If interested call 3767664971 Thanks!!
  3. We have some Dumbells they are Roker brand and they are 3 kg, I don't know if that the kind your looking for, call us 3767664971 Thanks
  4. Interested please call me 3767664971 Thanks Pete
  5. We are interested please give us your number or call us at 3767664971 Thanks
  6. We have solar hot water I just got a larger one a few weeks ago the reason you need a pressure tank is because you have a pressure system for your house. I have a solar system for sale it is 12 tubes & 115 liter tank it is good for 3or 4 people I can show you the way we hooked ours up it is very easy & It is nice to cut out a lot of gas .The reason we changed to a large unit is more people come to see us in the winter months . there is nothing wrong with the older unit 7 I will sell it for $ 300.00 US, or whatever the peso is that day . the brand is thermos .call if you want to see the unit or just want to see & learn.7664973
  7. We have a Thermosol Hot solar water heater for sale. It hold 160 liters of water good for 5 people, it is 4 years old and the size width is 1.75m and Length is 2.13m and the Height is 1.10 it has 12 tubes on it. We are asking 300.00 Us dollars or pesos equal. must be able to haul. and it is a pressured system. works great and save you money!!.
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