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  1. If you love a good teabag, bring them. 😊 congrats on your new adventure, wishing you a smooth move
  2. Yes, I think maybe so as I had some old tiles in our casita with raised bumps, they couldn’t replicate them. The blue and yellow tiles they made for me were not as thick as the original ones but my tile guy compensated for that when he installed them.
  3. I went to the factory in Chapala, it’s about a block from Soriana, don’t recall exact location. Their number 333-189-3300. They do beautiful hand painted custom design. They matched my tiles that are 50 plus years old perfectly.
  4. Yeah I’ve had enough of the covid preachers and teachers too.
  5. Thanks for this post. So does this mean that stores are no longer required to enforce the current age restrictions with the “red button”? Also, does this mean any future covid restrictions can not discriminate based on age? Thanks again HarryB for this info.
  6. Agreed. I appreciate the entrepreneurship in it. Many of us pay for things we can do ourselves for the added convenience of not having to do it. I too salute anyone who finds a niche and can fulfill it.
  7. There’s a lady in town, certified translator, also has a concierge service, that is offering to complete the online application for you for a small fee of $100. I know several people that have used her services for this as well as other things and find her to be very efficient, honest and trustworthy. Just an FYI.
  8. Just a heads up if you’re heading into Guad, give yourself extra time, they’ve started construction on the highway so it’s down to 2 lanes as the left lane is blocked off and being designated for detouring traffic heading towards Chapala as they will soon be closing off a stretch of the highway towards Chapala for road work. Was on the road by 8:30 but didn’t reach Costco at Rafael Sanzio until 10:40. It was very slow starting about 3km’s before the airport until the returno for the macro highway and The Tapatio. The parking lot at Costco is limited with 50% capacity, after waiting 30
  9. No wait...maybe that’s where the Pemex is now. Oh geez, they were all very close to each other. Anyone remember Chef Diego had a restaurant there in Riberas? I think he may have been the very first chef at Number Four when it first opened. Wow, talk about back in the day 😝
  10. Just today someone gave me directions from the 7-11. Back in the day, I remember when it was a house converted into an Italian restaurant for a while...not the yellow one that was Alejandro’s. 😎
  11. AeroMexico suspends flights to Canada Feb 8 to April 30 https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/364474
  12. Yes, I find the best time to go is at 8am. I used to laugh at my parents because they would go shopping early in the morning, often waiting in the parking lot beforehand until the store opened. I’m starting to get their logic now.
  13. A link for what??? It’s a question, not a statement of fact.
  14. Because you would have to leave the province, presumably most people would be flying so you would be doing air travel to another province while technically still being under a quarantine mandate hence why I wonder if that would be permitted. Same situation for those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba I suppose.
  15. So I wonder what happens for the east coasters, if you can only fly into Montreal and you test negative after 3 days, are you released from hotel quarantine to continue the rest of your journey home and then continue to quarantine at home? I’m thinking no but who knows, time will tell I guess. I wouldn’t want to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks, you can’t even open a window in most places anymore. It would be a rough 2 weeks if you can’t return to your home to complete quarantine. It’s going to be a hard winter season for those here in Mexico that depend on tourism for income. Here’s ho
  16. But can they get a PCR test that’s ready for tomorrow???
  17. Canadian government has suspended all flights to and from Mexico and the Caribbean starting January 31 until April 30 on Canadian airlines.
  18. Just announced, Canadian government has suspended all flights to and from Mexico and the Caribbean starting January 31 until April 30.
  19. FYI for those returning to Canada, official announcement will be made today along with details as to when this will start. Canadian government to force incoming travellers into hotels for quarantine The hotel stays will be at travelers expense and is the latest in a string of measures designed to discourage Canadians from travelling abroad
  20. This is a great proactive step. Thanks for the heads up TelsZ4
  21. I think most people are trying their best to protect themselves and hopefully others too. There are some that have followed all the protocols and still unfortunately have contracted covid. We need more compassion and understanding, less blame, criticism and finger pointing.
  22. The Canadian Federal government is warning citizens not to travel and that more restrictions could be placed at any time that may significantly impede Canadians ability to return to or leave the country so hopefully you have some flexibility with your travel plans should you need to make any changes. I wish you safe and happy travels.
  23. All the criticism, judgement and blaming of others won’t stop the spread either.
  24. happyjillin, I tried the link, says this video is unavailable although it works if you copy the link and paste it into the browser. Just an FYI.
  25. Thanks for that Upfront! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGx7PeY97Bw
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