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  1. The last 2 times we were there (in the past 4 weeks) the lot was full, couldn’t get a spot and if you don’t find a spot, you need to pay to exit the long term parking to park elsewhere. Just so you know. Good luck and happy travels.
  2. MichaelMorris, if you’re thinking of heading to the States for vaccination, don’t delay, the U.S. is considering changing the entry rules for non citizens to only those that are fully vaccinated. We flew to Texas, it was very easy, the whole thing took 20 minutes, no appointment, no fees involved. It’s available at almost every pharmacy, we had ours done at the grocery store. Hats off to the US for vaccinating anybody that wants it, regardless of citizenship or residency.
  3. They do the PCR test there. $2000 pesos and 24 hours for results by email.
  4. Sometimes we all have moments when we’re at a loss, we’re frustrated and we share our feelings and what we hope to get back is…I hear you buddy, it sucks your electricity (for example) has gone out 5 times this week, that must be frustrating. What’s not helpful, is someone saying…oh really, I don’t have any problems with my electricity, must be your attitude. If your friend, your neighbor, your kid, whatever, shares their feelings or frustrations with you, would you say too bad, the problem is you? I hope you wouldn’t do that. If you wouldn’t say it out loud to someone’s face, let that give you pause as to whether you should type it from behind your keyboard. Remember the old adage, if you can’t say something nice or supportive or humorous, better to say nothing at all.
  5. Good tires are important also. Too many people running around with bald tires. I blew a tire a few months ago, coming around the mountain downhill, was going a good clip and hit a piece of metal and blew out the tire, ripped it right open. I was happy that my car performed well, could have been a serious situation had the vehicle not been regularly maintained.
  6. You’ve really thought this through 😊
  7. I’m fully vaccinated and intend to go on living and enjoying my life. Joy has been on hold for too long. I don’t give a flying fig if someone else is vaccinated or whether they wear a mask or social distance. If you want to worry and control what everyone else does, knock yourself out. Those that are vaccinated have done their part. Feel free to preach away, I’m going out to enjoy the day.
  8. So is your concern being fully vaccinated doesn’t adequately protect you from the virus?
  9. Telmex should be obsolete, their service is horrible.
  10. I do agree Hector is good at diagnosis but he wants to do every test under the sun and the prices have more than tripled over the years. The last time I went there to see him it was just before noon and I was told I need to be there by 9:30 if I want to see him. Dude’s keeping CEO hours and charging CEO rates. No thank you. I went to Delphino, I found him very knowledgeable and very caring. I took my dog there so I can’t speak to his expertise with cats however he’s always there from 8-4 and provides his cell number for emergencies and after hours and is willing to come to your home or meet at his clinic after hours. His rates are very reasonable. Might be worth it to give him a try. He’s in the little strip mall next to Panino’s. I hope your Kitty feels better soon. Good luck.
  11. For many of us living in lower SAT it’s not just the plaza where the cohetes are lit, it’s also at the street corners and on the street in front of houses. Many of us have bedrooms facing the street so they go off and they sound like they are in bed with you. I’ve become accustom to the noise however in particular the last day of the festival was excessively loud with cohetes going off ALL DAY long. It’s not just expats that find that taxing after 10 days. My friends and neighbors with small children haven’t slept much in over a week either. It was exceptionally quiet last night in the hood, I suspect most of in lower SAT went to bed early and enjoyed a good long night sleep.
  12. We found the heron with their long beaks could peck through the mesh so we bought (Amazon) a roll of metal screen and made a little frame and secured it over our pond at night. Seems to have worked so far. Good luck to you.
  13. Zeb, I DON’T consider your review as VERY negative and highly doubt you’ve damaged Arturo’s reputation just on your say so. I know at least 4 local plumbers named Arturo. It’s all good. Glad you got your problem sorted.
  14. Flights to Houston on United were $222 return in June just three days ago and when I checked today, $1175 return. Ugggghhh!!! Hope flying to McAllen is more reasonable.
  15. As long as a really big truck doesn’t go by, we should be good.
  16. If you have an appointment for vaccination, they send you a form that you can print out and show the border agents as proof of appointment.
  17. TelsZ4, thanks so much for the info. We’re considering doing exactly what you did. How did you go about finding J&J vaccine in particular? Any guidance is much appreciated.
  18. It’s near the back entrance of Hotel Danza del Sol on Ocampo before Calle Rio Bravo if heading west on Ocampo. Look for the number 185A as there’s no business sign. Also note it’s right beside Laura’s Nail salon (they have a sign) which is on the corner of Ocampo and Privada Ocampo. Closed Monday, open Tuesday to Saturday.
  19. No, belittling other people seems more like your thing. A covid religionists sounds like a fitting term for all the folks that just endlessly preach about covid. I do wish it was a bit like religion where the educated were taught not to discuss such topics publicly. Peace out. ✌️
  20. We ordered the basic tv channel package just to see what it’s like. It's $200 pesos a month versus $1200 pesos a month we pay for Sky. I would say the picture and sound quality is better than satellite however there are not any english channels or english subtitles (with the basic package we have). We also have thunderstick for $200 pesos a month. Our plan is to ditch Sky when our contract is up and just continue with our thunder stick which now works with our totalplay connection which DID NOT work with our Telmex connection. We don’t plan to continue with total play tv. Hope this was helpful for your query.
  21. Agree totally! We are super happy with our totalplay so far. Speeds are awesome and consistent. Adios Telmex!
  22. Is it the stove top burners or the oven? Sounds to me like the stove top burners are clogged. You can remove them, soak them in super hot water and use a paperclip to clean the sediments out of the little holes. Sometimes just tapping them every so often helps to clear the sediment. You can also buy new burner pieces, they are relatively inexpensive. Take your old ones to the Monday market in Chapala and see if you can get some new ones. It’s not expensive to replace. It’s difficult to blow up your house here with a propane stove. Propane is a heavy gas and sits low, it’s also scented so you can smell it. You’d have to have a lot of propane emitting from your stove in a closed off area to do serious damage...and it would have to be lit at that. It’s actually one of the safer gasses to use, just takes some getting used to if you’re more familiar with electric or natural gas.
  23. I hope someone shows you more understanding and courtesy when you’re struggling.
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