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  1. For surface cleaning, his service is fine. For deep cleaning, no, they don’t have the equipment or expertise.
  2. I’m thinking they’re burning something related to their business which is repairing and painting vehicles. I suppose we will have to grin and bear it and go out when they’re burning. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and suggestions.
  3. Our neighbors are burning something that instantly makes our entire household sick with headaches and nausea. This has happened quite a few times in the last 2 months. We spoke to them to ask them if they would please not burn whatever it is they are burning of which they said was just leaves. They repair and paint cars on their property, they have no trees, plants or grass to speak of. Several of our neighbors burn their garden garbage occasionally and while it may smoke up the neighborhood, it doesn’t make us feel ill. Needless to say, this is negatively impacting our wellbeing. We’ve been hoping that our Mexican neighbors would chime in and ask them to stop as well as surely this must be making them feel ill also. Our gardener had to go home last week because he couldn’t bear it either and felt sick also. He sent us a text from home to tell us he felt much better after leaving as do we as at times we too have left to get away from the fumes. I hate to ask this as we don’t wish to create issues with or for our neighbors but is there some bylaw enforcement office we can call? Any suggestions on how to resolve this amicably? Moving is not really an option. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  4. Thanks CG for your response. Good to know.
  5. We received a notice last week from Shaw about needing equipment upgrade in order to access the third satellite with the new hi def channels. The message I get on the system says we need to upgrade our dish. Below is a copy of the notice. Anybody else get this? If yes, what do you plan to do about it?
  6. Not sure where you’re located but here in San Antonio we have a lot of sediment in the water that clogs up the water heater. We have a plumber clean the heater once a year.
  7. I completely agree. Consider that next time when you feel the need to correct someone’s grammar or school them on internet etiquette. 😇
  8. Great. Thank you for the information! Much appreciated.
  9. I went to see a lawyer about doing a will, she told me she wasn’t a notary and couldn’t help me. I spoke with a notary and he said I need to see a lawyer. I’m confused. Can somebody shed some light on how to proceed? It would be a simple will to ensure transfer of property and access to any funds in a local bank account. Thanks in advance for your input. P.S. I did some searches here for other threads about this topic but I get locked out for 295 seconds for each search. Perhaps I’m using the wrong keywords?
  10. happyjillinintrouble??? 😜
  11. Apple iPhone 5c 16GB Unlocked in very good condition. With Charger Blue Color Model A 1532 Price: 2000 pesos Ajijic
  12. HAHAHA!!! Thank you CG. So noted.
  13. Plaza Andares, the fancy mall allows dogs. You can see ladies with their vintage Gucci purses and their designer dogs. Dogs in strollers too. Thought about taking my dog the next time I go just to see his reaction to the shiny slippery floors. He won’t go for that. Hahahahaha.
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