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  1. We ordered the basic tv channel package just to see what it’s like. It's $200 pesos a month versus $1200 pesos a month we pay for Sky. I would say the picture and sound quality is better than satellite however there are not any english channels or english subtitles (with the basic package we have). We also have thunderstick for $200 pesos a month. Our plan is to ditch Sky when our contract is up and just continue with our thunder stick which now works with our totalplay connection which DID NOT work with our Telmex connection. We don’t plan to continue with total play tv. Hope this was
  2. Agree totally! We are super happy with our totalplay so far. Speeds are awesome and consistent. Adios Telmex!
  3. Is it the stove top burners or the oven? Sounds to me like the stove top burners are clogged. You can remove them, soak them in super hot water and use a paperclip to clean the sediments out of the little holes. Sometimes just tapping them every so often helps to clear the sediment. You can also buy new burner pieces, they are relatively inexpensive. Take your old ones to the Monday market in Chapala and see if you can get some new ones. It’s not expensive to replace. It’s difficult to blow up your house here with a propane stove. Propane is a heavy gas and sits low, it’s also scented
  4. I hope someone shows you more understanding and courtesy when you’re struggling.
  5. Improving the flow of traffic also improves safety for other drivers and pedestrians. When drivers become impatient, that’s when accidents happen. We’ve all see the proof of that on a Sunday evening when throngs of folks are sitting at that intersection heading back to Guad. Proceed with great caution in that area until people can adjust to the new set up. Exits and entrances have changed and there’s some one ways now that are new. Safe travels.
  6. The Dude is 92 and perhaps not as tech savvy as yourself. It was a nice offer you made and it may be helpful for him to see it for himself.
  7. I took a right out of the parking lot as you can drive down Calle libertad if you want to avoid the main road. Please note they’ve made that one way heading south, there was a guy coming at me head on going the wrong way trying to go up the ramp. It’s going to take a bit for everyone to get used to the new system which looks kinda confusing at first glance. Travel safely!
  8. If you love a good teabag, bring them. 😊 congrats on your new adventure, wishing you a smooth move
  9. Yes, I think maybe so as I had some old tiles in our casita with raised bumps, they couldn’t replicate them. The blue and yellow tiles they made for me were not as thick as the original ones but my tile guy compensated for that when he installed them.
  10. I went to the factory in Chapala, it’s about a block from Soriana, don’t recall exact location. Their number 333-189-3300. They do beautiful hand painted custom design. They matched my tiles that are 50 plus years old perfectly.
  11. Yeah I’ve had enough of the covid preachers and teachers too.
  12. Thanks for this post. So does this mean that stores are no longer required to enforce the current age restrictions with the “red button”? Also, does this mean any future covid restrictions can not discriminate based on age? Thanks again HarryB for this info.
  13. Agreed. I appreciate the entrepreneurship in it. Many of us pay for things we can do ourselves for the added convenience of not having to do it. I too salute anyone who finds a niche and can fulfill it.
  14. There’s a lady in town, certified translator, also has a concierge service, that is offering to complete the online application for you for a small fee of $100. I know several people that have used her services for this as well as other things and find her to be very efficient, honest and trustworthy. Just an FYI.
  15. Just a heads up if you’re heading into Guad, give yourself extra time, they’ve started construction on the highway so it’s down to 2 lanes as the left lane is blocked off and being designated for detouring traffic heading towards Chapala as they will soon be closing off a stretch of the highway towards Chapala for road work. Was on the road by 8:30 but didn’t reach Costco at Rafael Sanzio until 10:40. It was very slow starting about 3km’s before the airport until the returno for the macro highway and The Tapatio. The parking lot at Costco is limited with 50% capacity, after waiting 30
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