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  1. happyjillinintrouble??? 😜
  2. Apple iPhone 5c 16GB Unlocked in very good condition. With Charger Blue Color Model A 1532 Price: 2000 pesos Ajijic
  3. HAHAHA!!! Thank you CG. So noted.
  4. Plaza Andares, the fancy mall allows dogs. You can see ladies with their vintage Gucci purses and their designer dogs. Dogs in strollers too. Thought about taking my dog the next time I go just to see his reaction to the shiny slippery floors. He won’t go for that. Hahahahaha.
  5. Thanks Mainecoons. I too have that impression that somehow when The Senora gets up in the morning she lets the dogs out to run. Problem is they’re little terrorists, I saw them go after a young school girl walking her dog. Poor kid was scared out of her witts. My thought was that perhaps the Owners of these dogs don’t know what kind of havoc they cause. I’m hoping someone will tell the Owners before someone’s dog is badly injured.
  6. I’ve had issues with these two dogs before, always in the early morning around 7:30, 8:00. I think the dogs come from the same household but I don’t know that for a fact but I’ve ran into them at the same corner a few times. One is a husky or perhaps an Akita with light blue eyes, the other looks a like a Belgium Shepherd but brindle color. They’ve come after my dog a few times, always unprovoked, most times sneaking up from behind. Today, the husky/akita almost came after me. My concern is not for myself but that just two minutes after this I passed a lady in her 80’s walking her little dog, had she encountered those dogs, no doubt in my mind both her and her dog would have been injured. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of the dogs but I suspect people in the neighborhood know who these dogs belong to. If you know the Owners of these dogs, please tell them what menaces they are and how irresponsible it is to just open their door every morning and let their dogs out to terrorize the neighborhood. The Shepard like dog is more submissive than the husky/Akita, watch out for that dog, it’s definitely the aggressor. The location is 16 September between Donato Guerra and Francisco Madero. Be safe. Thanks for reading this post.
  7. Just an FYI, Costco has changed their hours here in Mexico. They previously opened at 9am but now open at 10am. We often would go early on Sunday mornings. Yesterday we arrived there at 9 and there were quite a few people waiting in their cars because like us, they weren’t aware the hours had changed. One of the employees told me they changed the hours in order to have the same store hours as Canada & the US. Mon-Fri 10-8:30 Sat 9:30-9 Sun 10-8
  8. Dostortas

    Cafe Montana

    Is Cafe Montana in San Antonio across from Panino’s closed permanently??? I haven’t seen it open in weeks. Anybody know what’s happening there???
  9. Awesome! I really hope this is the case, our internet in SAT has been sooooo slooooow the last 4 months. My Telcel 4G has been out quite a bit too, often only have 3G yet when I get closer to Ajijic, the 4G returns. I looked at ilox website, their mobile version is pretty old school looking which surprises me since it’s a telecommunications company. Keeping our fingers crossed fiber optic internet arrives soon in SAT!
  10. They built a custom frame for us for an awning over our pool. They work with different contractors, perhaps they’re able to help the OP.
  11. You need to go to Guad. My recent shoulder MRI was $6000 pesos, I went to RIO labs this time but I prefer CHOPO labs, the facilities are nicer.
  12. I had a very similar experience before and it so happened to have started the first time I was alone for a week in our new house. It scared the bejeepers out of me the first few times. Fortunately my neighbor knew right away what it was. The water in SAT has a lot of sediment in it, it cakes up the hot water heater and blocks the gas from flowing properly. I know that sounds totally bizarre but that’s what it was. I had someone come and clean out the heater and the noise went away immediately. When we lived in SAT we had the hot water heater cleaned out once a year.
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