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  1. Our neighbors across the street had 2 very annoying barking dogs, it was incessant as was their yelling at the dogs to stop. They also charged the gate all the time which made quite a racket. Somebody finally got fed up and sadly, their dogs were poisoned. They went right out and got 2 more dogs that barked incessantly also. The owners eventually passed away and one of the neighbors kept their dogs. They still have those dogs and you know, they rarely bark so I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I suggest recording for your neighbor what’s happening when she’s not there. Perhaps
  2. Jorge Ulloa is excellent. As is Angel who also works in the office with Jorge. They are extremely professional. They have equipment there for all kinds of mobility challenges. I believe the first appointment is $900 pesos and each appointment after that is $700 or $750 pesos. I did physio (rehab after shoulder surgery) with them twice a week for about 2 months. What I like about these guys is that they are straight shooters, they won’t suggest continuing therapy once they feel you are ready to finish. Also, they will provide you with a factura if you’re being reimbursed by your insuranc
  3. Saturdays they open at 9:30 am. All other days at 10am.
  4. Okay, discount pharmacy. Near the Oxxo by Sunrise Restaurant.
  5. Even Costco didn’t have any last week. The only place I’ve found it in the last month is at Farmacia Similaries in San Antonio.
  6. Dr. Haro in Riberas. Calle San Luis #83 in Riberas del Pilar. 376-765-3193. state of the art equipment and the latest technology in dentistry
  7. On the highway in Riberas, lakeside, just east of Pemex station. For now the hours are M-F 9-4, Sat 9-3.
  8. Connie is San Antonio is a certified esthetician, works with many professionals from Guad that come and do procedures here. A few of my friends have done their eyebrows, permanent make up etc with Connie and it looks really good. She Is also an excellent resource. I suggest calling her. Send me a message if you want her number.
  9. I had the same problem, so much static on the phone line you could hardly hear the dial tone. I used a phone splitter and the signal was fine. Why??? I have no clue but it worked for me.
  10. Yes, my brother returned to Canada last month from working overseas, he was required to submit a quarantine plan, you need to sign indicating you understand your legal obligation to self isolate for 14 days. Health Canada called him every other day to ensure he was staying home, and twice he received unannounced visits to check he was indeed at home. I don’t know if they have that kind of follow up for provincial quarantines but certainly for Federal ones they are taking enforcement quite seriously.
  11. Canada does not refuse entry to Canadian citizens or anyone with Canadian residency status, doesn’t matter where they’re arriving from. Some of the provincial borders were closed not allowing people from other provinces to travel from province to province. Perhaps that’s what your friends were referring to.
  12. Gaulberto just left, fixed the dryer in no time, 300 pesos. Thanks so much for the recommendation, they will be my go to guys from now on.
  13. Thank you. Just tried again and it worked. He’s also available on WhatsApp. Thanks Natasha for the number.
  14. Found that number from another post but it didn’t work for me. FYI.
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