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  1. Happy to hear you have your wallet back and that you’re okay. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I see people on the Ajijic malecon in the early mornings, if you’re there at 7am or so you’ll see a handful of people, social distancing, minding their own business and enjoying an early morning stroll. Maybe the thing to do is to open the malecon Monday to Friday 7-4, keep them closed on the evenings and weekends when people are more likely to gather in large groups.
  3. Please help us find loving homes for these 3, together or separately.
  4. Thank you. I’ll try to get a photo of the dog. He seems to be an issue anytime he has access to the street, otherwise if I didn’t see the dog coming out their house I wouldn’t know it lived there. Makes me nervous for little kids but I suppose it’s not the same, the dog could just be animal aggressive. He’s mean and dangerous, let’s just put it that way.
  5. My neighbor has a vicious dog. It attacked one of my other neighbor’s elderly dog, poor pups was having his afternoon nap on the sidewalk and the other neighbor’s dog got out of their yard and viciously attacked and killed the elderly dog. This was a month ago. Today, there were 2 street dogs playing in the street, just young dogs when the neighbor’s dog escaped their yard again and attacked the other two dogs. I’ve talked to them before about their dog being a danger to other dogs and they just shrug their shoulders. There’s blood all over the sidewalk so obviously one or both of the dogs was injured. Is there some kind of agency here locally that can be notified about this animal? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Could be hundreds of cases here that haven’t been tested. The survival rate everywhere is much higher than the death toll. Will continue being careful but won’t stop living by worrying about dying.
  7. Virgo lady...Adding “Get Real” at the end of a post ain’t all that civil.
  8. How sad one does not recognize a typo when one sees one. 🤪
  9. Oregontochapala and Harry B....didn’t your mamas teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
  10. Since my NOB parents died last year, Mexico is even more cemented as my home now. Don’t have much to go back for with the exception of some dear childhood friends. Some of which are too chicken sh*t to come to visit me in Mexico or they’re the “all inclusive traveler” that stay on “resort only” when they travel. Not my cup of tea but I can understand if you only get 2 weeks holidays a year, one week is for staycationing at home in the summer and the other week for an easy one stop shopping vacation. I’m more the off the beaten track kinda traveler. My travel plans for this year are undergoing a major rehaul , not planning on going anywhere when they reopen things until they lift the mandatory 14 day international travel quarantine in most places. That will be my yardstick.
  11. Welcome rain!!! Lovely rains tonight. Will put a little damper on the dust. Gardens will be glistening tomorrow morning.
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