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  1. I was at Walmart and Superlake this morning. There were customers there over 60, I don’t think they’re going to be stopping people at the door asking them for their age, maybe just asking people not to enter with young children.
  2. I don’t think people who “seem” over 60 will be carded at the door. At least not locally. I think it’s safe to go about your business with care and caution.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Do you know if the office open to customers to go inside to speak to someone?
  4. Fumiga is very good. Top quality work. The owner, Rene Miranda, is officially licensed to handle chemicals and has extensive knowledge of all types of insects and critters. A doctor of fumigation one could say. You’ll be in good hands with them.
  5. Ooops, mixed up my R’s, Roberto’s shop next to superlake, not Ricardo. 😎
  6. We used to buy new and used parts and get repairs on our golf cart by Jaime Hernández. His shop has moved a few times so I’m not exactly sure where it is but it is somewhere in lower SAT. I just saw Jaime today at his brother Ricardo’s garage, the one next Superlake. Maybe ask Ricardo where Jaime’s shop is.
  7. We had a temporary caregiver, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, 60 pesos an hour. She has full time employment now or otherwise I would recommend her to you. Not sure if you’re on Facebook but I have seen some recommendations for caregivers on some of the local group pages. Best of luck to you.
  8. Even bra shopping is easier than mattress shopping. Good luck to you, hope you find the perfect fit.
  9. My intention with this post was to share some lighthearted things we’ve delighted in while living here and to hear some of the like from others. Nothing more. Still to this day, ANY foreign object on the floor looks like a scorpion even after said object has been identified 😎
  10. Some light hearted things we’ve learned living here, would love to hear some of your sweet sentiments... A house without lime is like a clock with no time All colors go together The free road is going to cost you Anything on the floor looks like a scorpion Water pressure is like air, you don’t think about it until you don’t have it 18 Celsius can be cold Roosters don’t just crow at dawn Time is complicated, noise and cold are relative
  11. That’s a big piece of retail space they have at Plaza Galerias. It will be interesting to see what will be there next.
  12. What NoVaDamer said! We’ve done 3 direct flights to Europe from Cancun, we usually tack on a couple of days to hang out at the beach. Also direct flights from Mexico City and a nice new hotel in the terminal should you want to stay over. We like going via Cancun when we can as it’s nice way to break up a long trip. Happy travels!
  13. Mostly just getting tired of the consistent overuse of SNORK 😎
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