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  1. Power is back. I saw the CFE guys working on the transformer, they said they just replaced a part that was blown on the transformer and that power should be fine from now on. Thank you CFE!!! Happy last day of September everyone!!!
  2. Out again here near the plaza in SAT. I heard a huge bang around 2am and the power has been out since. I’m guessing that was the transformer that blew.
  3. Yes here too. Woooohooooo!!! Thank you CFE. Happy Sunday everyone.
  4. Still flicking off and on here and now with brownouts after 5 minutes without cutting out. My neighbors next street over have theirs back, I can hear the radio.
  5. In lower SAT and it’s flicking off and on every 10 seconds, that can’t be good for anything. I’m guessing they’re working on it but not having much luck so far.
  6. Just purchased at Walmart 2.5 mg 56 tablets, $1720mxn
  7. It’s around $2000 pesos
  8. Yes, easy to find and no problem to get without a prescription.
  9. I second Dr. Haro’s office. Top notch professionals.
  10. I need to move one piece of furniture from one house to another. I think there’s a guy in riberas who works with some of the consignment shops who does this. Anyone know who I’m talking about? TIA.
  11. They’ve decided to open Mexico’s first Ikea in Mexico City instead of Guadalajara. It’s planned for sometime in 2020. What a bummer. I was looking forward to having an ikea in Guadalajara. It was mentioned that Guadalajara and Monterrey were the next cities they intend to target.
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