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  1. Good question liquipure. Same here with our water in lower SAT near the plaza. It’s been stinky with plenty of sediment in the water for at least a month now. I’m a little concerned by this as usually we experience this in May and June before the rains come but never this early in the year.
  2. In my opinion, the funds could have been put to much better use. Have you noticed your water smells swampy??? Have you walked by the local pumping station and noticed the foul smell??? Have you noticed dirt and sediment in your taps??? Improving the water for all residents and visitors at Lakeside should be a priority over a bike lane, IMHO. I hope they get around to working on the water situation one day.
  3. I suggest calling your bank again and speaking to someone different. Bancomer will not help you. In these circumstances, you call your bank, they initiate an investigation which can take up to 60 days but usually your money will be returned to your account before that. I’ve had it back as quickly as 5 days before although one time it did take almost 6 weeks.
  4. We need delivery to lakeside of some larger items from Costco, (not available online for purchase) if memory serves me, we had to arrange for a delivery service from Guad as Costco doesn’t deliver themselves. Anyone with recent experience? Thanks in advance.
  5. Check out artfulcoaching.com Sydney Metrick, she lives here at Lakeside
  6. Dude, clean up your language and make your point without any F bombs.
  7. I second Natasha’s comment. Carlos is awesome and located not far from where Dee’s place was. Lovely facility, lots or room to run and the dogs are treated like part of the family and they have lots of interaction. He has a very special bond with animals. We take great comfort in knowing our dog is in good hands with Carlos when we’re traveling.
  8. Sorry Sam, don’t get your hopes up. Like Computer Guy said, they are not efficient at the Telmex office in Ajijic. I went last week to get a new modem only to be told they don’t have modems at the office and to call the 800 number. Hopefully you have more success with the 800 number than going to the local office.
  9. Power is back. I saw the CFE guys working on the transformer, they said they just replaced a part that was blown on the transformer and that power should be fine from now on. Thank you CFE!!! Happy last day of September everyone!!!
  10. Out again here near the plaza in SAT. I heard a huge bang around 2am and the power has been out since. I’m guessing that was the transformer that blew.
  11. Yes here too. Woooohooooo!!! Thank you CFE. Happy Sunday everyone.
  12. Still flicking off and on here and now with brownouts after 5 minutes without cutting out. My neighbors next street over have theirs back, I can hear the radio.
  13. In lower SAT and it’s flicking off and on every 10 seconds, that can’t be good for anything. I’m guessing they’re working on it but not having much luck so far.
  14. Just purchased at Walmart 2.5 mg 56 tablets, $1720mxn
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