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  1. In the face of adversity and harsh critics the transition team plowed forward with the best of intentions for the animals residing at the Anita's Animals shelter. In the wake of recent disturbing discoveries and counsel from our lawyer, local animal advocates, and two local vets, we are not moving forward with our intentions to purchase and rehabilitate the property. Instead, we are working to rehome as many dogs as possible by first getting them healthy and sociable. That means removing them from the shelter and having them vetted and fostered. We are proud of the work we and other volunteers accomplished at the shelter to provide isolated recovery areas and care for the sick animals. The team is very disheartened that we cannot help all the animals at the shelter at this time but will continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the animals as we can. We currently have 11 dogs in our care and after attending to their needs we will post pictures of these beautiful souls in the hope of finding foster or permanent homes on the website. I understand that many of you will either have your hopes dashed or be ready to criticize our decision. My suggestion is to either keep it to yourselves or go to Anita's and see how you can help. Even though we are not taking it over, we still very much care about the animals still there and any future drop offs. You can contact Edelweiss, Anita's daughter or Doris, Anita's power of attorney, as I believe they are the responsible persons at this point. J Raschko
  2. I dont believe anyone is attacking Anita. We are dealing with the situation by rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard dirty work. If you've never been to the shelter, especially recently, then I don't believe you are one to criticize.
  3. Thank you for your support. We are just a small team of people doing the very best we can by rolling up our sleeves and doing the dirty work that needs to be done.
  4. I'm sorry I missed your friends. Toni and I were at the shelter yesterday from 11:30 until 5:00 cleaning and helping with some of the sick animals. Dr Omar Reyes was also there. There are many rumors flying around. There does not seem to be any reason for all of the animals to be euthanized but the transition team does not have a legal basis currently to make that decision. We hope that will change later this week as we have established a Friday deadline.
  5. There are several rumors flying around. If you want to see what we're up to, please visit the Tianguis and the team will do the best to answer your questions.
  6. One of our team has been a faithful volunteer of Anita's for a year. The rest of the team are newbies to the area. No one has denigrated anyone's work that I know of. Anita's organization did what they could and it was thanks to the volunteers they had. We are grateful for the work done up until now. The transition team is working very hard to clean up the shelter and save the animals. I would prefer to put my focus on that instead of responding to negativity. We have limited time for AAC's. Anonymous Armchair Critics. If you have real concerns please PM me. I will do my best to address them.
  7. Adoption will be a big focus at the Tianguis in the future when all the animals are healthy. We plan for an adoption book with pictures and bios plus a couple live animals. When the shelter is cleaned up it will be a wonderful and happy place to visit and handle adoptions.
  8. Someone will be by in the next couple of days. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
  9. Right now the shelter cannot accept any animals due to the diseases that are rampant there. We are working with several vets to determine the problems and solve them as quickly as possible so that the shelter will once again be able to accept animals. As far as donations and income goes, we have several other revenue streams and expense savers to take advantage of for financial sustainability. There will be tough decisions ahead for the existing animals as well as future intake. Our team will make those tough decisions. It is always harder to say no, but we may have to on behalf of the other animals.
  10. The transition team is learning as we go in many respects. Currently we are not able to take in any new animals due to the fact that the shelter is overpopulated and contaminated. By clearing out the rooms where miscellaneous items of questionable value are stored we can use that space to deal with the above issues. If anyone wishes to lend a hand tomorrow from 9-1 with our clean up project, it would be much appreciated.
  11. On behalf of the transition team we would love to have a volunteer step forward to take a picture and do a bio of each animal. We agree this is necessary for successful adoptions and is to be one of our next steps. Ideally we want a binder with this info at the Wednesday Tianguis and on the website. First things first though. We have a huge clean up tomorrow from 9-1 that needs to be done as well as vet checkups for every animal. We don't want to adopt out sick animals. We appreciate any efforts made on behalf of the animals.
  12. Thank you very much. Change is always hard but it has been proven that the efforts Anitas Animals were making was not sustainable.
  13. The transition team has extensive backgrounds in non profit work and fundraising. Long range plans and sustainability are of utmost importance to us besides the current situation with the animals. We appreciate that the books and clothing were popular. They however took room at the shelter that is needed by the animals. It has been determined by the transition team that the cost of labor and resources to handle these items far outweighed the income received from them. We have access to all of the donation history. Anitas being a social center for people does not fit the mission statement which is primarily about the animals.
  14. We have a writer on our team and they will continue doing an article for the Ojo and we will be in touch with the Guad Reporter as well.
  15. Thank you for thinking of us. We are however no longer taking donations of clothing or books.
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