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  1. I have called his office number and his cell phone, and can not get an answer. Has he moved or gone out of business?
  2. I heard a rumor that Spider Web has been putting in fiber optics internet in the Chapala Area. Does anyone have any valid information on this? Does anyone have it? Is it reliable?
  3. Hello, I am a U S ham radio operator, but have found very little interest down here. I understand that the Mexican Authorities do not allow non Mexican Citizens to have a license to operate here. When I first came to Chapala, I was issued a reciprocal license which lasted for as long as my Visa, but that regulation was changed. Reciprocals are no longer issued. It would be nice to get hooked up with some Mexican hams and get some new laws set up, so that we can operate legally again. I understand that if you know a Mexican Ham, that he or she can allow you to operate their station under their license. If anyone has any new information, please post. I would love to talk to any interested people about ham radio.
  4. I was just informed that no one speaks English at the Office Phone Number. You can reach Luzma directly at the following cell number is 333 452 1670 and the email address ajijicconcierge@gmail.com
  5. If anyone needs to get a Mexican Driver’s License, it can be quite a hassle, without the excellent assistance of Luzma Grande. I have heard horror stories of people waiting in the line for up to 6 hours to get a license. Wanting to avoid these problems, I called Luzma. She can be reached in the following manner. Cell number is 333 452 1670 and the email address ajijicconcierge@gmail.com . She informed me of all the documents and copies I would need, and drove me over to Guadalajara to get the license. She made it simple by informing me of all the steps along the way. When we arrived, there were long lines, but since I am over 60 years old, I was allowed to go to the front of the line. To make a long story short, I was in and out in less than an hour with a New Mexican Driver’s license. Luzma made it easy by sending me a study manual. If you have a valid license from your country, you will not need to take a road test. The written test is done on a touch screen computer. I am so thankful for Luzma’s help. First, I would have never found the Driver’s License Office on my own. Second, I would have stood in line for hours not knowing what to do. Luzma went into the office with me, and explained to them what I needed and that I did not speak Spanish and that I would need help getting to each step along the way. The staff was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction along the way. I think Luzma Grande gave me excellent assistance, and she was well worth the fee she charged. I would recommend her to anyone needing a Mexican Driver’s License. If you need help in getting a Mexican Driver’s License, call Luzma Grande at 376-766-1562.
  6. I know this has all been expounded upon in detail. I am not interested in going over all of that again. I just need a US Notary Public who will Notarize a paper for me. I am not interested in paying the US Consulate in Guad to do it. Does anyone know an active US Notary Public in the area, and how can I reach them. I have already tried to contact Handi Mail, but they must be closed.
  7. I googled it first. Got no results.
  8. Does anyone know the phone number for Handi Mail in Ajijic?
  9. Went out to get gasoline today. Went to all 3 stations in Chapala. The only one with gas was the one near Soriana, but the line was so long, and people were honking and pulling in front of each other. I just came home.
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