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  1. Hello all.... I am not sure what is happening with this transition or what. Some friends went to the shelter yesterday to ask if a place had been donated to shelter the animals but they didn't find anyone there. All the animals seem to still be there. Can anyone explain what is happening? Where are things at? There was a rumor that all the animals were going to be euthanized. There seems to be a lot of confusion on what is going on.
  2. LOOKIN FOR NEW HOME!I'm fostering a cute rescue female bundle of joy but needs a new home. She's off the streets but I just don't have the time and she needs love and attention. She's medium size, 7 to 9 months old, has her shots and has been de-wormed AND IS NOW SPAYED. Would you like to adopt her or know someone who would love a super friendly thirsty for love and attention pup? Thank you! Call or whatapp 333 174 4835
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