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  1. thank you....yes a xmas gift of cash will be given and i am sure it will be more than the calculation of aguinaldo ...just want make sure...thanks again....
  2. My pool person services my pool 2 days per week, approximately 15 minutes each visit (which works out about 2 hours per month) and he is paid once monthly. Any suggestions on calculations for that? Sorry to be a little dense on this....Thanks in advance for responses....
  3. Anyone have personal experience with Orthopedist Dr. Omar Maya Alvarez del Castillo out of Ajijic Hospital and Guadalajara? Please restrict comments to Dr. Maya only. Thanks in advance.
  4. After 6 months of remodeling my yard has been destroyed. I am looking for a reliable landscaper to come in to prepare the yard, lay sod, do some hardscaping and lay new sprinkler system. I have had one quote but looking for 2 more before making a decision. Has anyone used someone recently that you were happy with quality of work and price? Thank you
  5. Has anyone recently had solar pool panels installed? If so who did you use and were you happy with their service and cost?
  6. I just used the guys from Nomad store in Riberas today for my local move. Fair price and excellent movers.
  7. Has anyone used Eduardo Chavez and Ajijic Moving for local moves?
  8. Anyone else lose power last night in Riberas?
  9. Thank you. Yes I did contact neighbor. They are up. Called telmex and was told others have reported issues in our area. Not sure if that was just a canned response from telmex so posted question here....
  10. Anyone else lose telmex internet and telephone landline service today in Riberas? Ours has been out since yesterday afternoon.
  11. Anyone having internet problems in Riberas? Ours has been out since yesterday and we use Telmex.
  12. My brother-in-law has a torn retina and needs laser surgery. Dr. Claudia is on maternity leave until January 2020 so unable to go to her. Can anyone suggest / refer me to another doctor either here or in Guadalajara?
  13. I've read recent and past posts on insurance but haven't seen any mention of Blue Angels Insurance. Has anyone had any experience with them...good or bad?
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