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  1. I think you're absolutely correct. We'll keep researching between now and November, then pretty much follow your suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to write.
  2. We're now in SW Washington, but I was previously in McMinnville, OR. We plan to keep paying for Medicare and return to the states for major care if needed. We got excited when we read your comment about the expats having a streak of adventure. I know we have it and are looking forward to sharing time with other adventurers.
  3. Thanks for the instruction. As our Spanish is zero, we'll have to use an agent for our first place, then once we're there, look for a better deal. We're not bringing a lot of stuff, so it will be easy to move. We hope to find a small, easy to maintain 2 bedroom 2 bath with a swimming pool and a courtyard for a container garden. The condos you described sound perfect, but too good to be true? I'll definitely try to locate them. Thanks again.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. I always thought that renting means that the landlord takes care of problems (plumbing, electrical, whatever). Do most rental agreements in Mexico require the rentor take care of most problems? If so, how does the rentor know when the owner pays to fix a bigger problem?
  5. My wife and I plan to visit the Lake Chapala area this November. Our objective is to determine if Lake Chapala is where we want to live when we move to Mexico next spring. Should we ask a realtor to show us some rental properties or would it be too soon? How do realtors get compensated for finding rentors?
  6. OK I hear you, first order of business, take Espanol lessons. Everything I've heard about Lago Chapala has conviced us its where we're coming to visit in November and where we want to move to in 2018. Once there, who knows. Thanks.
  7. I'm getting a little nervous about too many expats in the Lakeside area, but we're hoping we can find something quiet to rent, until we get adjusted to living outside the US. Once we get a little more confidence, we'll look for other areas where we can find “Happiness”. You've raised some good points for us to consider, Thank you.
  8. Good advice, thank you. We need to sell the house regardless of where we will live, not a good property for renting. We have never been outside the US so we want an adventure. We can't afford an adventure unless we find a place to live with a lower COL. We're going to rent, so if we're not happy, we can leave and have a good story to share. Medical expenses could force us to return to Medicareland, but we don't want to live in fear of that. We hope when we get down to Mexico we can live cheaply enough to travel as you have suggested. Politics? Who knows? I do know, we've been warned, you can say "I told em so".
  9. Our kids are grumbling too, but understand. We told them they can visit anytime. Thanks for your opinion.
  10. Elisabeth, not sure how I feel about being referred to as "considerably older", but we really want to get to know and talk to others considering a move to "Lakeside". We plan to travel there the first of November for a week, then if all goes well, actually move there around March of next year 2018. Just now in the process of fixing up the house to sell it and disposing of a lifetime of accumulated stuff. Lots to do, lot to learn. Would be great to meet you and your husband at some point. Wili
  11. Oh, that kind of cougar. I'm slow. My wife got it right away. I doubt any cougars will be interested in joining my club. Mostly old folks.
  12. Very funny. I don't think I'll be joining the cougar club. I hear they eat dogs.
  13. I've been a Lions Club member for 6 years. I'm currently club secretary and would like to transfer to a club in the Lake Chapala area. Are there any Lions out there? We're moving there in about March next year (2018).
  14. I'm about to purchase airline tickets for our trip to Mexico to check out our new home . Alaska airline doesn't have any flights that have good departure/arrival times and long total flight hours. Aeromexico looks really good as far as everthing having to do with cost, flight times, etc, but how do they treat their passengers? We're flying out of Portland,OR and have to change planes in LA, so its going to be a long flight. Are we going to be shoehorned into our seats, given no refreshments and regret not flying Alaska? I'm old, please give me your honest opinion. Thank you....
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