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  1. hi, I've seen lots of (useful) discussion here about capital gains tax, but I'm looking for some professional advice in advance of buying. Specifically, someone who can advise on: Trade-offs/tax advantages to losing US homeowner's credit and mortgage interest credit on US taxes, assessing/revising our retirement portfolio based on a big cash investment (house), developing other tax write offs, etc. If you have someone you can recommend, I'd appreciate it!
  2. Thanks all! This has given us some great ways to target our "on the ground" time the rest of this week! This is such a helpful forum community, compared to many others I've been part of over the years. I really appreciate that fact that people are so solution-focused! So, overall then, it sounds like that link I posted (regarding groceries) are the kinds of prices I can definitely expect to find--If I do a little legwork/brainwork, yes?
  3. Hi all, we're here in Lakeside doing our research and would like some insight from those of you already established here--since there is only so much we'll accomplish in our 9 days! 1. So far we've checked out SuperLake and it seems the prices there are much more expensive at home. Where do you shop for your day to day groceries? Are you buying mostly Mexican brands, and is that a big cost savings? 2. Based on where you are shopping, do the grocery prices here seem accurate to what you are paying? https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Ajijic 3. Will the tianguis be significantly cheaper? Will they have a range of foods (meats, cheese, eggs, etc.) in addition to fruits and veggies? (hoping to make it to the one in Joco on Thursday but insights on comparison appreciated so we can target our time there as best as possible). 4. Regarding restaurants, we've eaten at Adelita's, Yves, and Johnny's and I would consider them "middle range" and at Arileo (which I would assume is "high end"). Are those assumptions aligned with the overall restaurant scene? Do the restaurant prices on this website seem about right? If not, can you give me an estimate of what you would expect to pay for 2 people for lunch at a midrange place (no alcohol)? and dinner at a mid-range place (no alcohol)? thanks for your help!
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