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  1. Thanks. I've read that chlorine will hook up with the sulfur gas to make a particulate that the filters may catch. I want to give that a try but I've never chlorinated the aljibe and don't want to overdo it. Now by "Pucks" do you mean the little 1" tablets I use in the fountain?

  2. 13 hours ago, geeser said:



    The glass is available with the design and other designs in stock.

    The best price and best service is Joel Romero joel.romero.vidrio@hotmail.com

    telephone 333-139-4343 I got a much better price and service from Joel than Jamie.

    My email couldn't find the above email address. But the phone number worked and he is coming out this morning.

  3. I need to replace a full panel glass door. The old one had a design etched into it that flowed into the design on the glass panel beside the door. Can anyone recommend someone to etch a glass door? Or failing that, someone that could replace with a plain frosted glass?

    WIN_20180508_10_18_12_Profront door.jpg

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