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  1. zena was getting political. i corrected her about her view, & mentioned politics are not allowed on the board. many rock references here as well as TOB. let it go. the OPs question was answered. personally i would spend a night in MX city. that trip to france is quite long. BMH is familar w/danger as well. Betty7 Please back off. I am going have to lock this thread Mod5.1
  2. gringal, the socalled elitist said, that city in south of france is dangerous. then she walks it back w/the "narrative". double message. the first statement is the correct on about the danger, & she does know about connecting flights. that city is now trashed up & is a slum, you would not reconize it.
  3. oh pleeeze zena, try going on twitter. both sides resort to that. try TOB octogon, many rock references. i dont speak that way, but lets leave politics out of this? try to contain yourself. thankyou.
  4. hud, the BBC has an artical about how to do your makeup after an acid attack, i feel so much better now. they post photos of the alleged burn victims. photoshopped, or just amishophobia? this is mainstream news? is the BBC turning right wing?? shame on them. ive seen these photos for years of arab women. now the tourists can enjoy the diversity of europe! they can stock up on the correct cosmetics. now a new business can be created. jobs jobs jobs!! the message is: dont get those boys mad. dont give the side eye. sorry to go off topic: best to fly to mex city & then direct to france.
  5. hud, trends change week to week. bombs are always popular, cars & trucks. the new thing is the acid. this is a middle eastern punishment for women. now the amish in england & france are doing it. the news reports? dont bother: if you want more info consult chapalawebboard. some of the expats have actually traveled to france & can attest that this never happend.
  6. ofcause there were no acid attacks, or hammer attacks in france. dont believe the news. all is well in france, & london. seems the news reported 4 attacks in several days. if its true its those amish refugees again, but dont rush to judgement. safest place is the subway in marseille, better than cabs. enjoy. if something happens we can use the smiley face. remember dont be phobic, someone might get mad.
  7. yes MC- i understand about the food. now the issue is her "scent" on his chairs or pillows. they will work it out & have their seperate spaces.
  8. close the door when max is having his meals. how would you like if someone stole your food or ate from your plate? imagine if a stranger moved in & you couldnt get them out?
  9. keep their bowls seperate & far apart. take her off maxes favorite chairs. they will work out their privacy issues. he hasnt attacked her because she isnt eatting from his dish. it was his house first he didnt ask for a roommate!
  10. remember when the deniers belived the world was round? the believers believed the world was flat. how did that turn out?
  11. please stop sharing your dark demoralizing life. this is a public forum. you bring nothing positive to most of the members. the degenerate relationships you speak of are your own choices & decisions. you are a masocistic attention seeker & want to take everyone else down with you. most of us do not want to go there. the mods locked your thread, enough is enough. there is another board that specializes in this kind of creepy obsessive stuff.

  12. betty7


    off topic but related: anyone know where i can get brownies w/out added chemicals, added fake gluten & transfats. natural& simple as possible?
  13. who is open in chapala on thursdays? in general the stores are closed in that area.
  14. i thought it was only me, its happend before. reset modem, did all i could. the internet settings said it was working correctly, but the pages were blank. the mac man said in his opinion, it would not be fixed untill tomarrow. telmex had so many calls they put the phones off the hook. miracals do happen. we are not doomed.
  15. pay pal is not your pal. maybe you can do your purchases w/a credit card?
  16. no way they will ever let you back. it is not efficient. get another paypal acct of possible w/a new email address. Gmail is the worst.
  17. what ever you read in most newspapers or hear on the news, just reverse it.
  18. i always send monica $$, i look foward to hearing from her again
  19. noise ordinance in guad? noooo. i thought mexico was a swinging restort town. kind of like spring break for old folks. kind of fooled me. guess ill wear my sombrero & dance around in the house.
  20. comment 2, telZ4 not all of mexico/mexicans (or ajijic for that matter) is a honky tonk low down garbage infested dump just waiting for old expats to hangout @ bars. cheap shot. insulting to the higher culture.
  21. telZ4, run this by us again: zapopan & mex city: not mexican culture? but the bar in ajijic is? how is that? mex city & zapopan is just like idaho? you mean, the only quiet residential places in the world are in idaho? you should get out more. MC called it right.
  22. what difference does it make?? its not for US citizens. melt down for what? vetting is good. if anything, its another excuse to hire more people & call it job creation. btw, a civil lib org in australia told a certain group of people to "delete violent images on their cellphones"- read this tonight. MC why dont you take a direct flight to the US. no connecting. stay 2 days & rest & go directly to spain.
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