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  1. This week's specials Beef short ribs carbonnades. ( braised with onions in dark beer) Filet mignon with blue cheese butter. Robalo filet with pesto and panko breadcrumbs Shrimp with pesto over pasta. Shrimp Gumbo Call 331-797-9812 or 376-108-0180 for reservations.
  2. Did you get a new home for these?
  3. This week's specials will include; Filet Mignon with blue cheese butter Andouille and Shrimp Gumbo Beef Stroganoff Seating available Friday and Saturday 331-797-9812 Or 376-108-0180
  4. This week I offer the following; Duck and mushroom gumbo (no button mushrooms will be harmed in the preparation of this dish. Nor does it contain pork. Basque Lamb Pork Shanks with Italian gravy of pureed vegetables Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles Last but not least a regional favorite of the USA Buttermilk Pie. To know it is to love it! Reservations available all three evenings this weekend. 331-797-9812 or 376-108-0180
  5. This weekend I offer; Spanish Oxtail Stew Salmon poached with cucumber and fresh dill sauce Fresh Fig ice cream. Some seating all three evenings available. Reservations@richardsrestaurantchapala.com 331-797-9812 376-108-0180 As always I appreciate your support. Hugh
  6. Early seatings available on Thursday and Saturday. Friday is is mostly open. Braised pork shank over white beans and veggies. AKA French pork and beans. Robalo with browned butter, lemon and parsley. Beef Stroganoff made with beef filet. Wild salmon seared to your wishes. Plus some more to be decided soon. Call 331-797-9812 Or email reservations@richardsrestaurant chapla.com As always I am grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you Hugh
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