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  1. Hello! Good Morning! Recently I got my Birth Certificate from India and DOB, birth city does not match with passport info. I am going to update the information on passport by requesting consulate here in Mexico. Is there a way to update correct info on Residente Permanente as well? Would INM accept this case or would there be a problem?
  2. Hello!! Could you please help answering below question? 1. I have been living in Mexico since Dec-2013 and my 4th year Residente Temporal(FM3) expires in Dec-2017. Can I apply for residenente Permanente(FM2) 6 months before my current Residente Temporal(FM3) expires? That is in July-0217? 2. I have already lived here in Mexico for 3.5 years, if I get married now, can I apply for Residente Permanente(FM2) now or Should I have to wait for 2 more years? Thank you so much.!
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