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  1. Lakeside Wildlife Rescue & Rehab. Vern & Lori Geiger @ 765-4916
  2. The key guys in front of the CocaCola dist. in San Antonio made a duplicate of my Honda ignition key that has a chip. Wasn't cheap but it works just fine.
  3. Who is the "other" shelter?


  4. I live in Chapala Haciendas but I have never taken a bus from here. I do see many workers here who stand out on the hiway (both sides) waiting for the bus and I've seen many buses stopping to pick them up in both directions. My housekeeper takes the bus to and from Ixluacan 3 times a week and often goes to Chapala from my house so I am sure you can catch a bus to Chapala from the hiway here.
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