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  1. You might also try SOS Dog Shelter https://www.soschapaladogrescue.org/ They have over 100 dogs there. You can take a look online.
  2. I too have also used Farmacia Guadalajara. No problem....always reasonable price.
  3. You might want to try Clorox Urine Remover for stains & odors. Works on all surfaces. I have an incontinent dog & a marking dog. Works on the urine problem....not so much on the marking.... It's not cheap but it's a big spray bottle and I used it on tile, cement , bedding and rugs.
  4. Lakeside Wildlife Rescue & Rehab. Vern & Lori Geiger @ 765-4916
  5. The key guys in front of the CocaCola dist. in San Antonio made a duplicate of my Honda ignition key that has a chip. Wasn't cheap but it works just fine.
  6. Who is the "other" shelter?


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