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  1. I think I've got it: first try to get both RT visa applications accepted and approved at a lenient consulate the States. If only one gets approved, then the other spouse enters with an FMM for 180 days, and after the first spouse gets the final RT card in Mexico the other spouse applies in Mexico to be sponsored by the spouse with the RT. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  2. What are the income requirements for a married couple from the USA applying for Residente Temporal (RT) visas in Mexico? My wife has enough pension to qualify for an RT as an individual, but my social security is not enough for me to qualify as an individual. Is the requirement for a married couple from the USA less than twice the requirement for two individuals? Also, is there a minimum amount of time the couple has to be married before applying at a consulate in the States for their RTs?
  3. Thanks all for the responses. I've used Alex Peterson before and had emailed him before I posted here. He replied this morning that he was too busy but was going to check for a backup driver. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I've heard about the Miramontes but haven't used them. Sounds like Luis may be the most reliable. I'd drive and park at the airport, but we can't take our car away from Lakeside.
  4. I have a 5AM flight out of Guadalajara on Friday March 16. Can anyone recommend a very dependable and reliable and trustworthy professional driver with plenty of experience and recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Did you see him again? Location and hours still the same? Appointment or just show up still?
  6. Thank you all again for all the great advice.
  7. Thank you all for continuing to answer my post - this is a very helpful board!
  8. Hello all. My wife and I will be moving to Lakeside soon, coming from Panama, where we’ve been living for 2 ½ years. We saw a lot more short-term house rentals a month ago than we do now, and today is only the beginning of April, so we’re kind of surprised. We thought there would be more rentals. Is this normal for the summer house-rental market Lakeside? My plan is to come alone after Semana Santa for a week, ahead of my wife and old cat, to find a rental house. I plan to drive around with a few realtors to see their listings, to drive myself around looking for Rent signs, and to look for Rent posts on bulletin boards. I read that LCS, El Torito Market, and Superlake are good for bulletin boards. We’d rather rent directly from a landlord, like we hve in two places here in Panama.. Questions: Would one week be enough time to find a rental house for May that has what we want? Would it be better to come before Semana Santa? Would it be better to come for longer than a week? Does what we want even exist? Any other advice for finding our ideal place? I hope it isn’t too self-serving for this forum, but we’re looking for a short-term rental house initially, not in the village, but close enough to walk or bike until we get a car, with all these: Furnished 2 or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Detached At least 1400 sq ft Lake view Filtered water Fireplace Big TV Dishwasher Bathtub Measurably fast internet, with WiFi Good security, like with bars on windows Quiet, like with no barkers next door Private, like not easily visible inside by neighbors Big yard, instead of a small walled garden Up to $1000/month Is it possible? Any advice to find this place? We’d also be willing to housesit and do small repairs on the house until October, or maintain a house for sale and do small repairs until it sells. If it was in the hills, we’d rent a car until we get our own. Thanks everyone.
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