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  1. I’m going to the beach for 5 days and would like someone to care for my 10 year old cuddly cat, Suzie Q. I have a 2 bedroom condo at Eldorado on the Libramiento just North of Walmart. Convenient to everything, unobstructed lake views from living room and master bedroom, cooks kitchen. I’d like to travel more, so other opportunities as the year goes on.
  2. They had the salted butter yesterday but apparantly sold out. I really admired their foresight in setting up additional checkout tables to handle the large crowd. Bread section is particular attractive. I’m sure he’ll do well and it will push everyone else to sharpen up thei act. Great for all of us who live on the east side
  3. I shipped a box of clothes from Connecticut to Handy Mail. The one time I was able to talk to the shipping company, they told me the box had arrived Lakeside but the local company couldn’t find the address. For the last three weeks when I call the shipping company and ask for an English speaker they put me on hold and never pick up again. If I ever connect I’d like to figure out how to get the box. I can give them my rental address or even pick it up somewhere Lakeside. Besides the clothes I foolishly put some papers in the box I really need. Besides my eternal gratitude I’d love to buy lunch or dinner for my savior. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. TIA Bill
  4. For sure, didn't know there was such a group, do now. Does the singles group announce its schedule on line?
  5. Join local foodies for good food in in pleasant company at Tabarka in Ajijic. Our only agenda is a good time. We eat family style to assure lots of variety and split the food check. Join Meetup and the Lakeside Dining Group to RSVP for this or event and/or hear about coming events (Click here to go to Meetup)
  6. I'm a permanente rentering Mexico for the first time. I expect to owe duties on things I bought while in the US (suitcase, clothes, shoes). Does Customs accept anything besides pesos (dollars, dollar checks or credit cards)? Thanks
  7. Dr. Hector Usigli of Guadalajara is a neurologist focused on progressive neurological conditions like Parkinson's. He's also super person, unusually kind and responsive with a sense of humor. I got his name from Dr. Hernandez at Chapala Med
  8. My spouse just checked into Casa Nostra. He has moderate dimentia and has been in the hospital in Guadalajara for 3 weeks. He could stand and walk with a walker before that but can't now. If I can find someone to come into CN regularly and teach us both how to help him it will improve his quality of life. Any recommendations appreciated
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