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  1. There was a well intentioned post about a crime at a prison school in Texas. However we are not allowed to report crimes on this forum I am very sorry Mod5 Edited by Mod5.1 to get you confused
  2. Elegente: Maybe I misunderstood. But Costco is not from Australia. Costco started in Seattle WA There are two Costco stores in the greater Guadalajara area. For their street locations, use Mr. Google.
  3. This topic has been locked as we are not allowed to talk about Real Estate agents, Brokers, reputations etc because our forum sponsors have requested that we do not.
  4. You both are OK so far but please take a look at the rental rules above. your friendly Moderator 5 You can send personal messages to the person posting questions. about a specific unit for rent. But you can not post that info here on the forum.
  5. You are correct. And if I am wrong I apologize, but if the Chapala Realty provides property management services, this still applies. I thought they did, but I'm out of the country now and if I am incorrect I will ask Moderator 2 to correct me. Again I am sorry if the Chapala Real Estate office doesn't. I shall immediately message Mod 2 and I am wrong he will let me know.
  6. Please note that these posts about Skip's dogs are about a year old
  7. OK folks subject is closed. Problem solved. No more politics NO I am not Mainecoons
  8. Welcome to the Chapala Forum Herman. We are funded by a real estate company, Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty. We are no allowed to recommend agents on his forum. We must stay neutral and only talk about real estate in general terms. I have therefor had to delete the information entered by Iris Girl. I am sorry Irish Girl, but those are the rules here
  9. Let's all be nice. Those giving advice meant well. Sadly when reading someone's answer we sometimes misunderstand the intent. I for one, greatly appreciate the great comments and or advice given by all . Signed your friendly moderator
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