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  1. Just got back from the Coast or I would have locked this a long time ago. Mod5
  2. Sorry I had to delete all of this. No crime rumors here Mod 5.2
  3. Landline for sale Topic moved to the classified section below
  4. This topic is locked. What Solar wrote was no worse than Computer advice. Book design advice. 765-4156 under your handle
  5. OK TIME OUT. I appreciate comment from both of you and I think we all know that people helping others can be taken as (or used as) advertising. Please guys and gals let us keep on helping each other, only lets do it properly and if someone needs to correct something send a message to Mod2 or if you have to, to me, Mod5.2 PS I m not locking this conversation yet, and I don't want to. So again, be good.
  6. I have to admit that I had not read all of the posts here earlier. Were I to have done so I would have locked this earlier All I have to say is that I love good Pizza and do not want to know whether anyone slapped another or quit or whatever. I just want good Pizza Case closed Mod5.1
  7. Please remember that the Chapala Forum is sponsored by a Real Estate Company. And it is fine for Barb1 to post what she did stating what type of place she is looking for. Please also notice that she suggested that you PM her with what you have to offer. But posting what you have to rent for all to read is not a good idea So please folks check the rules and if you have questions about what she I looking for great. But if you want to market your property please do so by sending her a PM Thanks. Mod5
  8. We have two very knowledgeable persons here beginning to disagree with each other with words getting stronger and stronger. I am afraid where this is heading. And I don't want to have to take stronger action. So relax. I have learned much from both of you and let's let it for ever stay that way Frozen for ever
  9. I am locking this page. I will leave it up for a while because there are some very good information posted herein. I hope we all have learned a little from these posts. I know I have. I will delete some of the slanderous information above as well. I will also make minor changes to many post to hide a few words. Mod5
  10. Our Spammer Bod friend from Korea hit again. I happened to go on line, and saw what I guess was Korean posted all within a few minutes. He did it this time somehow listed as a guest and posted away well as of 22_30 got them all. Time to go back and see if he is still hanging out Mod5.1 Edit. He is posting as a guest and is back again.
  11. Just moved RequestingReviews on Jetomate next to Ancla to La Cocina Mod5
  12. Time to end this. Mod5. This topic is now locked
  13. Woke up at 3AM and deleted three spammers who had posted a total of 143 spams. Going back to sleep. Mod5 EDIT continued to check and looked in La Cocina where one poster had added another 49 spam, for a grand total of 192 spam. Now I SHALL GO TO BED. Good night
  14. Well there was just an 8.0 earthquake off the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico which was felt as far north as Mexico City. Did any of you feel it?
  15. ANTHER Korean spammer. 11 spam in less than 30 minutes' Now if things go as in the past there will be a couple more spammers in the next half hour. Only time will tell Mod5 Edit: or update after a few minutes: The next post was made by a pretty young lady (her picture that is) she only got seven before I caught her and deleted her Spam Mod5 Final edit for the night. Waited until 1 AM. No more spam for now. I'm going to sleep. As I write this the is a notice out that a major earthquake occurred of the southern West Coast of Mexico and could be felt as far north as Mexico City. Did any of you feel it? Well I say again, time for bed Mod5
  16. By the time I posted above, another spammer posted some 10 Korean posts in about a minute. I am afraid to post this and look again Mod5
  17. Well They are still at it. At about the same time I got a message stating that there was more Korean? spam, I discovered two different spammers, one who had posted 10 and the other 55. I didn't know we were that well read by the Korean community Mod5.1
  18. I found three Spammers each with 20 to 40 spams. I have been away from the computer since Tuesday morning. Just checked in, and discovered that I had accidently caught the spammers within one minute of at least one of the spams. I am going to sleep now so I don't know what will happen the rest of the night and or morning. Moderator 5
  19. Yes it happened again, some of which came about a minute before I deleted them. There were, as I recollect 4 different posters. Gosh they must think we are all multi lingual.
  20. Earlier this morning there was a spammer that had been a member for about 6 hours who somehow posted some 400 plus emails using Korean, Chinese or whatever Asian letter or script or whatever it is called.. I was able to delete these posts and label the poster as a spammer. I have to admit, I was confused at first. all of a sudden all of the recent posts under several topics were in I guess Korean. So it wasn't your imagination. It was really all over the Chapala Forum.
  21. This has gone way too far and has become much more ugly than I have seen in a long time. I am therefore forced to close this before it gets really out of hand MODERATOR 5.1
  22. It is time to call a truce. Obviously some of you like talking about Garbage, others hate it, Me? you got me counting black bags on the street. Why don't we just take a rest and find something else to complain about. How about the rain or maybe the fact that the lake is now at it's highest level in several years on this date. Leftclick here for lake level
  23. Let us try not to turn this into an ugly debate like what recently happened when we were debating garbage pick up I don't want to have to lock this. LET"S ALL BE NICE FOLKS Thank you very much Mod 5.1
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