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  1. You guys have gone too far. I'm locking this before it get's even worse. Don't make me pass along "TIME OUT" tickets. Because we will have to miss your good posts during your TIMEOUTS The evil MOD 5
  2. Let us calm down Jonny. I do not want to have to close this down The evil Mod5
  3. Sorry. There was a post asking for information on the best real estate person or office to help in obtaining a rental unit or words to that effect. That is not against the rules. But what was against policy was the next post made by a well meaning poster who suggested a real estate office. Because this forum is funded by a real estate office, it was decided that any post recommending an office must be banned. Rather should there be a suggestion about a particular office, you must use the send message option or send a private email, but never make said message public. Now my error. I deleted too much and if the original poster would like to post the message again, s/he can do so; but they must suggest a method to privately send the recommendation to the sender. Please both of you keep on posting. It is just that we can not publicly recommend a real estate office on this forum The Evil Mod 5
  4. I received a message suggesting that this topic should not be here. I kind of agree, but to where should we move it? We don't have a topic where medical issues would go. So I guess unless someone has a better suggestion where this topic should be moved to, we might as well leave it right here. I know I found the topic interesting. And learned that Nexium, aka, esomeprazole was more powerful than Omeprazole. I had never heard of Pantoprazole Have a good weekend and enjoy an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning. The EVIL Mod5
  5. Sorry, but one of the rules of the board is that we not make posts of this sort. I am leaving this post and my answer here to remind others of one of the web board rules, which is not to make recommendations or statements about the different real estate offices lakeside. again sorry, but we must strictly enforce this rule Mod5
  6. This topic has been moved from the Furry and Feathered Friends section to this section Mod5
  7. Yes I think we have gone about as far as we should about this subject. I am sorry you lost your good friend. Now it is time to end this discussion
  8. I just checked my messages and saw several of you asking, "Isn't about time to lock this topic?" It is probably past time to do so. It's that we all get so emotional myself included when reading these very strong statements, first from one side and then from the other. If you have new information you wish to post, feel free to do so under a new topic.
  9. No big deal, Alfa, but I moved your two posts to the correct area on the forum. I hope someone will recognize this dog and help you get it back to the owners. Mod5
  10. This argument is going a little too far. Don't you think? Mod5
  11. As some of you know, it CAN be done and is being done. To each his own. Mod5
  12. The Telcel basic Amigo plan allows you to pay 100 pesos or more as needed and you do not need to pay again to continue making the occasional call, and your time does not expire for 60 days. Unless you call so often that you no longer have a positive value in your account. Make sure that you ask for the Amigo plan that allows you to pay 100 pesos for 2 months, not the Amigo plan that only is good for a shorter period, I think 33 days.
  13. Back off modeeper. And to the rest of us, saying the economy is strong or that the stock market is up. That is not political. If we say it is going up because of the actions of a certain politician or leader, could be political. Let us all continue to be politically correct as we have been doing
  14. I am so sorry. I would see him several times per week at Salvador's restaurant. He always had a smile on his face and was a joy to know. I and many others here lakeside shall greatly miss him.
  15. OK AngusMactavish; time to back off. I understand what you are trying to say, but it could have been done much more politely, All I know is that I should be doing more physical activity to remain healthy. Please don't make one of the moderators lock this thread. Mod5
  16. Ok, ,modeeper. you did it again, Time to lock this thread. And TelZ4 don't let him get under your skin.
  17. Time to back off. Please Modeeper,, back off a little bit. Mod5.2
  18. Hey Chop, you accidently posted your message three times. No big deal, I deleted the repeats. But you can delete the extra posts as well. Look on the left hand side, below your message. and left click on the option of your choice. You will see the word "options" and an arrow pointing down. Left click thereon, You will be given several options, one of which is to delete.
  19. Remember not to push SUBMIT REPLY too often. I deleted several identical posts made by you, Mod5
  20. Getting too political. this conversation about what you can flush down the toilet is now locked for ever. The evil Moderator5.3
  21. The topic Towels for Operation Feed families for Christmas! has been moved to Charitable and Other Events Upcoming
  22. Fantastic post. What a great way to present and adorable forever friend to the public.
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