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  1. You make a good point, Gringohombre. Being a moderator is hard. Because one can make an innocent comment, that can be read several ways by others. 

    Let us all try to keep our comments non political, if that is possible :)  which I think is near impossible to do.


                                          by MOD5   :)  😀  :) 

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  2. The poster followed my suggestion and what she needs to know are the Spanish words to explain a type of sock her husband needs.

    Shown below is the term she would like to be able to say and or write in Spanish      Sadly I do not know how to say or translate this to Spanish. If any  of you could help would you please respond. .    Thanks in advance.


    Knee high support hose (anti embolism hose)

  3. A while back I got a note from a reader who chose not to sign in but to allow the word Guest to be used. It was a question about a type of woman's socks and how to say it in Spanish. I wanted to politely respond that I didn't  even know what the word meant in English, let alone Spanish. But a couldn't send a private message to this person, because she did not signed in.

    So if you are  the sender of this message to me, I would recommend that you join our web board and ask the question again

     When you join, you can choose a screen name and either private message me again and I will be able to respond or post the message under the topic heading of your choice.  I hope you choose to join us, the Chapala Forum,(web board) we would love to have you.


    en to read this post, why not simply using your assigned name ask the question there. Oh and if you do not already have a screen name, you could always signup, join the Chapala Web board and choose a screen name

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  4. Herman, Please look at the Rules and Regulations at the beginning of this Forum. Because we are sponsored by a Real Estate Company, we are not allowed to make recommendations about Real Estate offices or services on this forum.  However, you are allowed to receive PMs on this forum from others suggesting agencies.


    Sorry about that

    The evil Mod5

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  5. Time to tone it down.  Keep it up and we will have to lock this topic. I say thank God for both the US and Canadian expats, who come every year during the period when it is cold up North. You all make life so interesting especially when discussing politics in person, something we can not do on this forum.

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