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  1. Spoodle You placed this question under automobiles. I'll move it for you to Pets Welcome aboard. This can be a fun place to post Mod5
  2. I'm locking this. Maybe this message needed to be sent, I do not know. I did not see where Lily was called a bitch. But if we keep this open this topic has nowhere to go but down hill. Why don't you both take a short time out. It might help
  3. Now let us all be nice. We are here to help you. And you know what and who we mean. or is it is who we meant until that last mean post The evil Mod5
  4. The poster followed my suggestion and what she needs to know are the Spanish words to explain a type of sock her husband needs. Shown below is the term she would like to be able to say and or write in Spanish Sadly I do not know how to say or translate this to Spanish. If any of you could help would you please respond. . Thanks in advance. Knee high support hose (anti embolism hose)
  5. A while back I got a note from a reader who chose not to sign in but to allow the word Guest to be used. It was a question about a type of woman's socks and how to say it in Spanish. I wanted to politely respond that I didn't even know what the word meant in English, let alone Spanish. But a couldn't send a private message to this person, because she did not signed in. So if you are the sender of this message to me, I would recommend that you join our web board and ask the question again When you join, you can choose a screen name and either private message me again and I will be able to respond or post the message under the topic heading of your choice. I hope you choose to join us, the Chapala Forum,(web board) we would love to have you. en to read this post, why not simply using your assigned name ask the question there. Oh and if you do not already have a screen name, you could always signup, join the Chapala Web board and choose a screen name
  6. Please. No more politics, I don't like locking topics Mod 5
  7. Time to call it quits. We have gone way to far. MOD5
  8. Harry. This is the Spanish Language section. You need to move this English language message to the proper section
  9. Harry: This link doesn't work for me. And I wonder if you want it here in the Spanish language section rather than under the Lakeside Restaurant/Bistro Happenings section Mod 5
  10. It's about time to close this down. Some of the posts made above, a went a little to way to far MOD5
  11. I think it is time to lock this thread. We are going too far here. The Evil Mod 5
  12. This is getting out of control. Time to close this down. The evil Mod5
  13. Sorry, according to the forum rules, one is not to post an Apartment/house/ etc for rent on this forum. Because such a post is not allowed I had to delete it. MOD5
  14. This topic is locked because of Milo's negative comments Mod 5
  15. For those confused about the problem mentioned above. The author wrote lucky #ucks where the # was an F, when a D was the intended letter, and apparently did not know how to make the spelling correction
  16. Herman, Please look at the Rules and Regulations at the beginning of this Forum. Because we are sponsored by a Real Estate Company, we are not allowed to make recommendations about Real Estate offices or services on this forum. However, you are allowed to receive PMs on this forum from others suggesting agencies. Sorry about that The evil Mod5
  17. Thank you for your good intentions. But I wanted to say I am sorry that I had to delete this post because it was reporting on a criminal incident, something we are not allowed to do on this forum. Again sorry Mod5
  18. Time to tone it down. Keep it up and we will have to lock this topic. I say thank God for both the US and Canadian expats, who come every year during the period when it is cold up North. You all make life so interesting especially when discussing politics in person, something we can not do on this forum.
  19. Mascota is a town and municipality in Jalisco, in central-western Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 1,591.63 kmĀ². The municipality has smaller villages. Check with Mr. Google for more information and a street map.
  20. Jonny, you are so close to loosing access to this forum. Back off
  21. You guys have gone too far. I'm locking this before it get's even worse. Don't make me pass along "TIME OUT" tickets. Because we will have to miss your good posts during your TIMEOUTS The evil MOD 5
  22. Let us calm down Jonny. I do not want to have to close this down The evil Mod5
  23. Sorry. There was a post asking for information on the best real estate person or office to help in obtaining a rental unit or words to that effect. That is not against the rules. But what was against policy was the next post made by a well meaning poster who suggested a real estate office. Because this forum is funded by a real estate office, it was decided that any post recommending an office must be banned. Rather should there be a suggestion about a particular office, you must use the send message option or send a private email, but never make said message public. Now my error. I deleted too much and if the original poster would like to post the message again, s/he can do so; but they must suggest a method to privately send the recommendation to the sender. Please both of you keep on posting. It is just that we can not publicly recommend a real estate office on this forum The Evil Mod 5
  24. I received a message suggesting that this topic should not be here. I kind of agree, but to where should we move it? We don't have a topic where medical issues would go. So I guess unless someone has a better suggestion where this topic should be moved to, we might as well leave it right here. I know I found the topic interesting. And learned that Nexium, aka, esomeprazole was more powerful than Omeprazole. I had never heard of Pantoprazole Have a good weekend and enjoy an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning. The EVIL Mod5
  25. Sorry, but one of the rules of the board is that we not make posts of this sort. I am leaving this post and my answer here to remind others of one of the web board rules, which is not to make recommendations or statements about the different real estate offices lakeside. again sorry, but we must strictly enforce this rule Mod5
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