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  1. I know that it is not the custom to tip local taxi drivers when there is no help with luggage. My husband and I always tip the Uber or taxi driver when we have bags. However, we are having a disagreement about tipping the driver of a premium car service (such as Miramontes). He thinks that since we are paying more (600 pesos for a van to the airport) a tip is not required. I think that since it is a service industry, there is an expectation of a tip, and the driver might not necessarily be getting paid more just because the rate is higher. Please weigh in!
  2. The same thing happened when a friend from the US visited last year. She had a temporary plan that did not include data when she was in Mexico. Is your friend sending you an iMessage (iPhone to iPhone)? Since iMessaging works with data and not as an SMS, that might be why it's not working. That's what my friend and I concluded, so we just called each other when she was visiting here, and did not text. Once she returned to the US, we could text again, as her plan includes data up there.
  3. We saw this yesterday while eating lunch at Gossips. Good news, indeed!
  4. This is a very interesting op-ed on López Obrador of the Morena party in today's NYT. I'm firmly on the left side of the political spectrum in my own country, but I don't know about this guy... https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/07/opinion/mexico-election-lopez-obrador.html
  5. Wow. I'd never heard this. Thanks for this tip, suegarn. I will do this next time. Muchas gracias.
  6. I am not a whiner by nature, but living with the disrepair, dust and lack of parking in centro Chapala since August 1 has gotten onto my last nerve. It has taxed the patience of everyone. And yes, I do realize that the street work is not just about laying the surface. It's that other work that was done incorrectly the first (and second?) times that caused this work to take so long. Guilty as charged, Angus Mactavish.
  7. The Centro Salud on Ramón Velázquez in San Antonio (down from Sunrise Restaurant) has them at no cost. My husband and I walked in, gave our names and ages, received our shots, and were out of there within 10 minutes. Please do not listen to Zeb. We all most do our part to keep the flu at bay. That this is the worst flu season in almost a decade made the front page of the New York Times today. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/26/health/flu-rates-deaths.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fhealth&action=click&contentCollection=health&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront
  8. Whoever invested in this technology in Mexico would become the next Carlos Slim! We sure could have used this the last six months in Chapala centro. But then again, if we'd had it, the street work wouldn't have taken six months...
  9. We bought a friend's used March at the end of October, transferring everything to our name and paying the fees at that time at the office in Chapala. The yearly taxes will be due this coming October right? I was just assuming so, but you know what they say about "assume." Better go check the paperwork.
  10. Ilumina + Decora, the lighting store next to Sunrise restaurant on the carretera in San Antonio just got in a pallet of the propane heaters this morning. The brand is Everheat and it comes with a one year guarantee. Price: 2,890 pesos, plus 859 for the propane tank. We'll be so happy to have this during the next cold snap!!
  11. Thank you, daisy2013 and Mainecoons. I'm glad I asked for clarification. I'll now copy-and-paste your answers to my Note on my phone. Our next trip to Costco will take half the time. Muchas gracias!
  12. Thank you, daisy2013! Just a little more clarification please. Is this correct: After the big sign to the Macrolibramiento, take the Tepic exit. Shortly after that will be a sign to Zapotlanejo, which is the entrance to get back on the macrolibramiento going to Chapala. Again, many thanks.
  13. Took the new Macrolibramiento today to the Costco in Tijera. Getting there was great. However, coming back, we could not for the life of us figure out how to get back on the Macrolibramiento going east to connect with the Chapala highway/23. Is there a "Zapotlanejo" exit as you're headed south on 80/Lopez Mateos from Guadalajara, or do you have to pull a U-turn? The signage really leaves a lot to be desired, but what else is new? Ended up taking the "Jiquilpan" exit back to Jocotopec, and it took twice as long. Oh well.
  14. The same thing happened to me last Tuesday. I'd had really good luck taking Uber from Chapala to the bus station in Talaquepaque the week before, as well as back to Chapala a few days later. So I decided to try Uber *at* Lakeside. After my haircut at Gloriosa Salon off the libramiento, I requested a ride back to Chapala on the Uber app. After about 15 minutes of the driver hemming and hawing (I could see "my" car heading in the opposite direction, turning around, turning around again, stopping, etc.), the app said that the driver had canceled my trip. Thanks a lot. I suppose it wasn't worth his time at 50 pesos.
  15. You must make sure you have turned Roaming on, and set your Carrier to "automatic." Give it a few minutes to find a carrier. You may need to turn the phone off and start it up again, but your phone should be able to find the proper carrier to use (in Colorado it was either AT&T or T Mobile; in Washington it was T Mobile). I found that I just needed to dial the ten digit number with no "1" necessary. Now, when my husband and I called one another's Mexican cell phone numbers, we had to add +1 52 1 before the number to reach each other. If you're calling a Mexican landline, drop the "1" before the number.
  16. Mudgirl, you will never know how helpful this is to me. Thank you! I am going to copy-and-paste this to my Telcel address card in my contacts so that I know what to do next month. You are the best.
  17. ComputerGuy, was your Roaming on? We were having problems at first when we went up to Colorado in June. Once we turned on Roaming and made sure Carrier was toggled to "Automatic" everything worked just fine (it chose AT&T at one point, and then stuck with T-Mobile). I seem to remember that after I made those two changes, I restarted my phone and all was well. And we were not in a major metropolitan area. Good luck next time.
  18. Hi, mudgirl. I'm on the 150p Sin Limite plan as well, but had to get help last month at Telcel in the Laguna mall when I renewed. So what you are saying is that I can just go into an Oxxo, put 150 pesos on my phone on the last day of the plan, call 5050 and text SL150 when prompted? Or is the entire thing a text? I'd like to be "in the know" next month to save time at the big Telcel. Thanks so much.
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