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  1. Does anyone know if ETN will stop at La Penita on their way to PV? I don't see that stop listed on the website. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone heard of the new Nursing Home called Casa Zoe? Any opinions or experiences with it?
  3. Thank you! Dropped off at El Bar Co.
  4. I have a bag of kids clothes I need to donate today (I leave tomorrow a.m.). Is there an organization that collects clothes to donate to poor families? Where can I drop off in Ajijic? They are for a 3 year old. Thank you.
  5. They are still available for adoption. I think they are being fostered by a friend until we can find a home for them.
  6. Here is their picture. Sharmaine is on the left and Sheila is on the right. They are extremely loving, they like to be indoors and outdoors. If anyone is still interested in them I would love to have them stay in Ajijic, otherwise they will likely get shipped to the US.
  7. She has her husband with her. They do have private insurance, she is currently in a private hospital in Guadalajara. Are there english language speech therapists at all in Guadalajara or Ajijic? We currently do not know the state of her nuerological deficits because she is sedated, but suspect she has right side paralysis of arm and leg. I am wondering what others have experienced in Ajijic or Guadaljara with post stroke physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. How is is the quality of care? She speaks a little Spanish, but not much conversational. Her spouse is fluent in Spanish. Trying to be aware of all options and determine if she'll need to come back to US for care. Thank you.
  8. Has anyone had any post stroke rehabilitation in Guadalajara or Ajijic? My mom lives down there year round and she recently had a stroke. I am trying to figure out her options and learn from others experiences. Are stroke victims able to get quality rehab care down there (or in Guadalajara) or do they often return to the States? Thank you.
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