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  1. I too have just gotten an El Parque property. I don't need super-fast internet but would love recommendations on the best service available there. Thx!
  2. I would also love general feedback on Brisas. Is it "fairly" quiet? Dependable water, septic issues, how long a drive to get to Ajijic, etc. Thanking you in advance!
  3. The owner was waiting for the authorities, as I stated. Don't know the outcome and probably have no way to find out. However, the owner did manage to say that somebody put additional pellets into the feeding container (which was accessible)and there was some "malo" stuff mixed in. The colt was tied out of reach of field forage. I spent years around horses and saw the dead colt from about ten yards. I am not sure how warning folks about a possible new poisoning is "inflammatory". The other dog owners who walk their dogs in Villa Nova were glad to have the information so they could be extra vigilant. Met a woman not four days ago whose little dog was poisoned along the malecon but survived after a heroic and expensive effort by her vet. It sucks that this goes on here but for those of us who treasure our pets, better safe than sorry. My dog is going back into her soft muzzle which precludes her from eating something when I am not looking. Ajijic is wonderful but no place is perfect.
  4. Came in this way. The parts that are finished are excellent, as is most of the 15 cuota all the way to Nogales. AND the construction is going gangbusters on everything unfinished. Looked like the US freeway construction under Eisenhower. The tolls didn't make any sense to me but $82 from Nogales to Ajijic seemed like a bargain.
  5. I am renting in Villa Nova and have been enjoying cool morning walks with my little dog. Many dog owners doing the same. We have been enjoying visits the last few mornings with a lovely little colt that is temporarily pastured on a property about two blocks north of the carretera on Rio Nazas. This morning when we got there, the colt was lying dead. Someone poisoned it last night. The owner was there, very upset, as was I. My Spanish isn't great but apparently he was waiting for the authorities. Folks look at me a bit askance when the see my small dog in a muzzle, but until this monster is put away I won't take any chances.
  6. Hoping someone can give me a good recommendation for a skilled and consistent hairstylist in the Ajijic general area. I need someone with great color skills for highlight/lowlights and good cuts. Thanks in advance!
  7. There is nothing more attractive than a man who us well-groomed and well-dressed for each situation, be it casual or formal. They exude confidence and that is sexy at any age. Woof.
  8. Sonia: Do you have an office in Guadalajara or Ajijic?
  9. Just a thought: Bees swarming to a new location may stop in a tree to rest. They swarm around their queen to rest and protect her. Usually within one day or so they move on. Both wild and domestic bees are highly endangered and we all need to do our part to help and protect them. The future of food depends on them. May I suggest avoiding them for a bit to see what they do? They needs us but we need them more.
  10. Dear Bisbee Gal: This is off topic but I was recently in Bisbee for the weekend and met spa nice couple who said their neighbors/friends had sold their Bisbee home to move to Ajijic. (It was one of those fun, serendipitous Bisbee conversations.) Might you be that friend? I am hpreturning to Ajijic for 5 months with an eye to a permanent move. Currently living in Tucson.
  11. Can someone recommend a good doc in Ajijic or Chapala for reasonable Juvederm injections? Any idea of costs? I saw that the Integrity Clinic was mentioned last year. Thanks in advance.
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