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  1. Bells aren't very effective (usually they don't ring until the cat is leaping for the bird) and, as Natasha noted, an outside cat is at risk of disease, accidents, attack, and poisoning. Would your cat accept a playmate? We've had two sets of two indoor cats; they kept each other occupied and didn't need to go outside. You could also consider a "catio" in your outside place; they're more and more popular and recommended for bird conservation. I've provided a couple of links below. The Cat's Meow Portland Audubon Society
  2. Also sprinkle in the back corners of cupboards and drawers and along baseboards. Use a blow dryer to blow into cracks & crevices.
  3. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. We don't have a lot of "stuff" but we do have music & recording gear, plus art & crafts, all of which take up space. Yes, we would need to export our car from Canada and import it to a US state before we could sell it in the States. WAY too much hassle. And yes, we can drive a foreign-plated car in Mexico on a tourist or temporal visa, but we plan to apply for permanent residency in a year or so, at which point we can't have a foreign-plated car without "importing" it at expense & more hassle. SO, we plan to buy an expendable/disposable vehicle in Oregon (where my brother lives) and register it there, and drive it back to the Island (within 60 days of our departure, so we don't have to register/import in BC). That's the car we'll take to Mexico, selling our Canadian car before we go. Whew! Hard work but I know it will be well worth it!
  4. Any Canadians with cars? We live on Vancouver Island, BC (think: expensive ferries!) and will be applying for RT visas this summer. We know that we can drive our current car down with our "stuff" but we intend to apply for RP status once my application for Canadian citizenship is approved. Has anyone sold a car with metric instrumentation in Texas? The thought of driving all the way back to Canada to sell a car (and the cost) is daunting. TIA.
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