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  1. Hi, I met a doctor (American) here in Ajijic back in April and he said he had health insurance through a hospital in Guadalajara and it was very reasonable. Unfortunately I was not able to followup with him to find out more -- we were just chatting at a coffee shop. Does anyone know anything about this as I would like to obtain more information.
  2. Yes! I need a health certificate in a few days and also having a hard time. Vet doesn't know. Wanted to call the embassy and I knew that was useless. Does anyone know if " Option A: International Health Certificate (APHIS Form 7001). This option has a fee for endorsement. Pre-filled Certificate must include appropriate rabies vaccination information OR Option B: Accredited veterinarian certificate (certificate template): Has been accepted. That is which form should I choose from the USDA APHIS page for the vet to complete? https://www.aphis
  3. Where did you get the fan? I have a sherpa pet carrier. There isn't much room in there, but a fan is a great idea!
  4. Thank you for that detailed information!! So helpful for me. I also will be in Ajijic. Planned to get Telecable but need the backup. Thought about the hotspot device (Huawei). Can you explain a bit more of what you mention above in my quote for me since I am not a technical expert? I can google this stuff, but can you suggest a particular brand of whatever? Are you describing just an antenna with all of that?
  5. Great info! Thank you. I was thinking about purchasing a Huawei hotspot device and was wondering how it works compared to using your phone as a hotspot. I have no idea if that price is expensive or not, but those speeds sound great to me and I need it for business also as a backup when the internet is down or too slow. I am researching online constantly so if it slows down too much my productivity is greatly affected.
  6. I'm thinking of using a hotspot as an internet backup for work purposes. Are you using your phone as the hotspot or a dedicated hotspot device. And is the 3G fast enough to watch movies for example or only to browse the web.
  7. Does anyone know if Telcel is still offering this plan? Moving to Ajijic in Aug.
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