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  1. (Toll Free) Mexico. 81 82 150 150. this gets you to a phone tree that enables you to select English and connect to a person. Unfortunately they can't get Lost Luggage to answer either.
  2. Do you have a number to reach an English speaker in the Viva Aerobus Lost Luggage Department? Trying to contact Viva Aerobus to track my lost luggage. Submitted an online "ticket" but no response. Have called lost luggage number numerous times, but cannot connect with an English speaker.
  3. Seeking a product to use to clean old, matte marble dresser top. No real stains, just grimy and a small discolored place. Amazon offers numerous products at widely varying prices. What would you order based on actual experience/results?
  4. Any advice how to arrange for a wheelchair for my departure from Guad airport? How about my return? I am ticketed through American Airlines.
  5. I ran into this problem in a commercial building. Hired a sound guy who recommended damping panels. I was very dubious...but he installed sheets of Styrofoam-like material about 4 feet X 4 feet and 2 inches thick. They were covered with fabric to match our decor - fairly coarse weave wrapped and stapled - and hung with velcro. Very light weight, and not a huge investment. They worked much better than you would believe. Just a suggestion.
  6. Thanks for your input. I plugged the fridge directly into the wall and no problems. Steren tech suggested the "fuse" in the surge protector(?) was blown, but when I took it in we couldn't find a fuse. Running now with fridge drawing directly from the 3 prong outlet.
  7. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I disconnected the surge protector brick and the fridge has not gone down since (36 hours). Fridge is now plugged directly into the 3 prong outlet "designated " for it. Do I need to buy another surge protector?
  8. So, the consensus is that this is an internal problem, i.e., a ground or short, rather than a CFE or refrigerator problem?
  9. When I purchased my new refrigerator 3 years ago, I also purchased a black box, about the size of a brick, to prevent voltage surges. The box is labeled 2500V. Recently, and several times a day, the box trips and the fridge stops operating. I reset the rocker switch on the box and all returns to normal, until the next time....might be hours or days. My question: is the CFE supply at fault, or my house wiring, or the box or the fridge? I can't figure out why this would suddenly become an issue, and only in the pantry. No electrical problems or tripped switches in the rest of the house. Any thoughts?
  10. Hearing aid tip dislodged and pushing (?) very near my eardrum. Some ENT drs. have special tool for dislodging. Tweezers don't work. Anyone in Ajijic? Otherwise please recommend doctor in Guad.
  11. Job abandoned half way through. Need experienced roofer to complete waterproofing flat concrete roof and some very minor concrete repair. Please no one who is nice, needy. Need experienced person you have happily used for this type of work.
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