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  1. Lake Chapala Society should be your first stop! They have a website that shows all their activities and a nice cafe to sit and chat.
  2. When we needed to get our Mexican drivers licenses we hired Luzma Grande (333-452-1670). She made it incredibly easy! She got us safely deep into Guad and got us in and out in just over an hour (she did say that was unusual even for her). Highly recommended.
  3. We have a Mexican oral family history (in Spanish) that needs to be transcribed then translated into English. The recordings are under two hours in length. Anybody know where I can get this done?
  4. Another vote for Polo! He's the best.
  5. Have you posted your question on the Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook page? I think you might get more detailed answers there.
  6. CFE came out and replaced our meter a year ago. They must've entered the numbers wrong since my next bill was double normal (and then the bill dropped back to the usual amount the bill after)! Went to CFE, should've saved my breath. Might have helped if i had taken a date stamped photo of our meter before and after.
  7. If he isn't working can we leave it for him at Sunrise?
  8. Also recommend Miramontes (not Montemores). The number is correct. We like Jessica the best, but all are very, very nice and prompt. Used them 4 times this past year.
  9. Miramontes. We've used them 4 times this past year, always good. Don't remember cost but don't want surprises, just a good, safe ride. We request Jessica.
  10. Is there a parade in Chapala or has that already happened?
  11. Checked all that. Cut the pool pump down to 1 hour a day and have an older fridge, but other than that we're stumped. We've even stopped using the dishwasher. Three conservation minded adults are still recording over 14 kilowatts per day! Way too high.
  12. We are renting and pay electric. Our bill runs $4000-5000 every cycle. We've done everything we can think of to get it down. Landlord says that when they lived here the bill was around $1000. CFE showed us that the prior tenants bills ran just over $4000. We're now looking for an electrician to go through the house to help us figure our where the problem is. I'm looking for a referral to a local "electrical detective" to help us figure out what the problem is. Recommendations appreciated!!!
  13. CBX has a shuttle that took us to the airport (reasonable too). Since we were the only passengers they might take you to the port. We also did a cab and that cost a fortune!
  14. The US Consulate comes to LCS once a month and will do notaries. I think the details are on the consulate webpage.
  15. Does anyone know if I can schedule an appointment with the US Consulate if I walk in? I've been trying to get an appointment for 6 weeks now and don't hear back except that they've received my request. Sent two appointment requests online along with 7 to 8 emails. The consulate visits at LCS don't address social security (Federal Benefits Unit).
  16. Send an email to the consulate (you can find the address online). They sent me directions on where to get a bank check and how many pesos i needed (based on an exchange rate they determined). They were very specific about what they would accept. They also gave date and time information. Other than the check, the process was easy.
  17. I would love to find good Cherries lakeside. Over the last several months I've tried Super Lake, Walmart, street vendors without luck. Can you find delicious fresh Cherries lakeside? When are they in Season? Maybe having been through Michigan I got spoiled?
  18. Hit a pothole and need a new tire. Anyone have a recommendation for a tire shop around Ajijic or San Antonio?
  19. My wife has a recipe that needs Buttermilk. Any idea where I can find it and what it is called in Spanish? Thanks in advance!
  20. Whoops. My mistake. It was $50. Forgot about that part.
  21. We got a US notary done by the US Consulate during their monthly visit to the Lake Chapala Society.
  22. There's an inversion contraption in the back of Fit For Life.
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